Monday, 30 March 2015

Sheng Yuan SY263 City Theme Minifigures set

Hi guys!! wow, i really missed this blog. I'm sorry (again) that i'm away for a while. Actually i don't have any new set to review. Most reseller in Malaysia didn't bring new set these past weeks so no new stuff for a while.. and MYR currency rate is kinda weak (USD1=RM3.8) hence buying directly from taobao or aliexpress is now not an option. I just patiently wait for them to be available locally so here's the first set i'm going to review!

@apodistagon. these post is for you. I know you wait for these set for a very long time. ahaha.. 

Just like the latest iron man set (link), these set don't come with any trading/game cards.

Pictures of assembled figure with their accessories:

I must say, the minifigures look really good. The plastic quality and the printing is superb. You will not be disappointed. 

Close up view:

I don't mind getting extra of this guy. I love his dog =) and i think this is the first lego dog that i have. I have handful of cat (from lego cmf minifigures series) but none of lego dog. So i'll keep this one.

Oh, i'm sorry i do not have any original Lego minifigures (from city theme) to compare =(. I would like to have some but i use most of my fund to buy super heroes theme. Speaking of which, here's the latest SY super heroes set that we can expect to get next:

Magneto, Jean, Black Bolt, Dr.Doom

The Collector, Dr Strange, Batzarro, Thor?, Storm, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Taskmaster 

Mandarin, SDCC Batman, Electro & Capt.


Image taken from aliexpress. Thanks to @Celox and @steven for the news!

Oh not to mention walking dead minifigures (Elephant), Ghostbuster (Xinh), and Pirates of the Carribean (XSZ) minifigures! - Thanks @Fabio! =)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dargo No.844A- 844H Super Heroes

Guys, sorry for the long pause. The usual place where i always get these bootlegs lego told me that new stuff will arrived real slow till April. It is a bit off topic but the reason behind this is because most reseller in Malaysia hold/slowing down bulk import from China because Malaysian government will implement new tax system - Goods and Service Tax (GST) to replace our current tax system. Yeayyy~~~ or nayy?? ahaha.. I hope it is for a better future (wow.. so ambitious =p)

I know i keep saying please stay away from certain brands but i keep buying 'em. I don't know how to explain it. I guess it is the "buy now regret later" kind of thing. 

Please correct me if i'm wrong but I think this is the 4th set released by Dargo. The first one is the common superheroes figure (Capt, Superman, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman - I don't have these), the 2nd one is Ghost Rider, Snake Eyes, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Bane, Storm Shadow, Silver Sufer, Martian Manhunter (link), the 3rd one is the transparent version of their first set minifigures (link) and now ... these!

I don't know if the character do have alternate name but characters in this set are: Superman (black suit), Lash Line (Whiplash), Laser Eye (Cyclops), Wishbone, Green Lantern, Winter Soldier, The Punisher, and Hercules (Power Man?)

Assembled figures with their weapon:

Most of my friends are not getting the whole set, but only this guy. 

source: google image

Winter Soldier. I personally prefer the one by Decool (link) and Lego version. But i don't have the polybag yet! It's too expensive!

Cyclops. i have SY and Decool version here

Green Lantern. Decool version has better color link

Wishbone Crossbones (thanks @Anon.). I know nothing about this guy.. but i bet he has a different name. The crossing bone pattern on the torso is not centre and really bothering me.

Hercules. Could this be Power Man? I have one from "Doll" compared to Lego here

The Punisher. This is a total failure, such cape is just for super heroes with actual super power. I prefer Decool version much better. (link)

Black suit Superman. Isn't that "T" for Tor-An?

source: google image

Okay, I think that's all for now. If you guys have question about quality of the plastic... just refer to picture below:

I let my kids play with the figure after i took a picture of them.. and that happened. The arm is super loose and the plastic is really bad. The hand is too loose for the arm.. it is really bad as if the gravity alone is enough to make the hand dropped from the arm. =(

Friday, 13 March 2015

SY262 Iron Man 3rd Wave

First of all, i would like to say thank you soooooooooooo much to Celox from Germany for these awesome pictures. Guess what? It's the latest SY262 Iron Man! 

Image taken from Taobao

Iron Man X Green Lantern

Mark 36 Peacemaker

Mark 20 Python

Mark 22 Hot Rod

Mark 25 Striker

Mark 41 Bones

Mark 5 Suitcase Armor

Mark 1

I had a very friendly chat with Celox about these figures and here are his findings:
  • 6 of these suits (the first 6 from above) are copied of custom design by eurobricks member - Crayonboi (link).
  • Mark 1 design is very similar to the one made by thepyromaster. You may see the design that he shared on his flickr (link). Please note there's number "001" on the armor.
  • source for Mark 5 suit design also might come from flickr
  • Mark 41 Bones in this set is far more better than the one SY already released in 1st wave 
Left - Mark 1, Right - Mark 2. Please note the number printed on the suit

Mark 41 in this latest set (left) vs 1st SY set (right)

I personally think Crayonboi is a very talented guy. I immediately fell in love with other iron man suit that he had. However, I still feel bad for him because his works have been stole by Sheng Yuan just like that but i wish more people will recognise and appreciate his work. Credit should be given to him. Spread the word,guys!

Thanx again Celox for the kind gesture!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sheng Yuan SY207A-SY207D Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Dr.Doom

Let me start my post with.. Sheng Yuan is the best! Sorry, I'm not a fan boy but just look at these figures!

They are from Sheng Yuan so the plastic quality is not an issue. The printing also..superb! None of the figures have the same design with original Lego.

We already see so many version of Captain America (linklink), Iron Man Mark 17 "Heart Breaker" armor (link), and Black Widow but these guys are different variant. Design on the torso is more detail.

These guys come from these set: 

The parts are sealed in the usual plastic packaging and come with trading/game cards.

I do not usually assemble bricks that come with the set (only minifigures interest me) but my 5-yo son insist to build this set so here they are:

I'm looking forward to Age of Ultron minifigures by Sheng Yuan =p