Saturday, 31 January 2015

Imitation of Lego Collectible minifigures Chicken Suit Guy.... & friends

I received this set a few days ago, but without box. Here's image of the box that i took from Taobao

source: taobao

Cannot wait to assemble them =). Come with trading/game cards and the parts are sealed in plastic packaging.

What do you think of them?

Top from left; Lizard man (series 5), Bunny Suit Guy (series 7), Bumblebee girl (series 10)
Bottom from left; Gorilla suit guy (series 3), Chicken Suit Guy (series 9), Piggy Guy (series 12)

Their price are quite crazy on ebay, so i guess that's why china make copy of them. 

Let's compare them with original Lego (on the right)

1. Lizard Man 

The difference is so obvious -  look at the color of spike on his back and tail. 

2. Bunny Suit Guy

3. Bumblebee Girl

Antenna of Lele's figure is not fully covered in black, and the yellow color is annoyingly too bright too =p

Printed bee on this honey pot is bigger on original Lego

4. Gorilla Suit Guy

Printed nose and mouth on the mask is very neat on Lego figure

5. Chicken Suit Guy

Have a look at his comb and wattle, Lele has them in orange color instead of red. 

6. Piggy Guy

There's not so much printing on the torso, both front and back.. but i love the apple =p

This set is from Lele, so the plastic quality is sooo predictable. I don't have any of these figure with loose limb but most of them have loose arm (except bunny suit guy. mine is perfect) 

As you can see from the picture above, the clone figure can be identified by slightly different color of some of the minifigure's parts and most of the face is printed too low =) 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sheng Yuan SY260 SWAT The Expendables 2

It's another SWAT theme - but this time from movie The Expendables =).

All of the boxes have the same back design:

As usual, the weapon is attached to the plastic rack. No trading/game card included.

I need you guys to help me with this. I only recognised some of the characters: (those with question mark is still uncertain)

Top line, from left: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Stathan, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris Randy Couture Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bottom line, from left: Terry Crews, Jet Li, Liam Helmsworth Dolph LungrenNan Yu Ronda Rousey 

[update@Feb 10, 2015]
The character name is finalised now. Thanks for the discussion and comment guys =)

Because there's one lady figure in the set (bottom line, right) with black hair, so i assume the characters are from the expendables 2. please correct me if im wrong. 

Expendables 2 | source: google
 Expendables 2 cast | source: google

Every minifigure has their own weapon rack and 2 loose handguns. 

Accessories/weapon before i detach them from their plastic rack

can someone tell me what is the rubber band around the leg for? i wonder if i can fit a handgun in there. 

The most satisfying part in this post (for me =p)  All the assembled weapon!! . I'll leave the weapon name to the expert. im sure you guys are better than me. 

[updated@Jan 26th, 2015]
Edited pic with weapon name - courtesy of @apodistagon and @FrancisMatti =)

I love the weapons more than the minifigure itself. the plastic quality is really good! 

[update@Feb 6th, 2015]
I need to quote one of tips from @apodistagon in comment section below - regarding weapon selection from this set.
The weapons shown on the box is NOT what is in the box. For instance I was after the M82 sniper rifle so when I look at the weapons on the box, I bought Statham and the guy-with-the-cap. But I got 2 x PSRs instead to my disappointment.

If you want specific weapons, save the pic from this blog post and refer to it before buying. Weapons shown on the box is wrong info. This blog post is the right info.

@apodistagon, thanks buddy =) 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lego SWAT by Disen

As promised, here's the next SWAT set that i'm going to review:

Pardon the image above, i didn't receive this set with box so i use image that i found on the internet.

Here's how i received them. This is the only SWAT set that the weapon doesn't come in plastic rack. So you don't need to detach them like in other SWAT set.  

Weapon/accessories for each minifigures:

The minifigures with fully equipped weapon/accessories:

Have a look at their printing on the torso:

Close up pics of each minifigure:

I think i love this guy the most. looks sooo bad-ass

This vest caught my attention. I love the arm pad:

Thanks to Bk Brickonstene from comment section below. This arm-pad vest is actually imitation of Modern Brick Warfare.

print-screen from Modern Brick Warfare page

There are two type of gas mask in this set:

Even the baseplate also is unique. The size is about 4 x 4 but with rotating part at the middle.

So you can have the minifigure facing any side with the baseplate arranged in the same line.

Here's all the weapon and accessories you can get from this set:

[update@Jan 26th, 2015] replace picture with updated weapon name: