Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It's confirmed. LEGO #5004590 Batpod by Decool.

To be honest i'm very afraid to log in this google and blog account.. i can't imagine how many unanswered email and comments after a month since my last log in >_<.

My excuse this time? My OnePlus screen shattered to million pieces and my replacement phone don't have LTE (lol). Oh wait, there's more.  I was laptopless for a few weeks. In the same month, i sent my macbook to Apple for repair because.. guess what? screen related problem too. :(. On top of that, they also make a diagnosis that the laptop battery need to be replaced :(. cost for all the repair? RM3,169 (about $782). That amount to repair 3 years old laptop is just insane. i could buy a new laptop with that price.. not macbook of course.

Luckily i bought AppleCare+ 3 years ago meaning the laptop is still under warranty, so the repair is FOC! 

They made a mistake with the warranty period because i send the unit just a few days before the warranty end but they come out with the diagnosis one day after the warranty end. Phew... $700 repairs FOC. I purchased the extended warranty for about $150. It was definitely worth it. I just hope this machine can last another 3 years.. aha.. Confession time: I'm a cheapskate ;p

Hey, I still have not made any paragraph related to LEGO >_<.. I miss typing and babbling in this blog. 

Before i upload tons of SY600 LEGO Deadpool pictures, i would like to ask you.. is this picture real? I'm going to upload post about SY600 LEGO Deadpool in my next post. really excited with this upcoming set... LEGO Batpod!

wait.. what? Seriously LEGO #5004590 Batpod? Only 1,000 set made worldwide. lol.. this set cost $192 (RM780) sourced from loose parts and the original with box cost at least $1,600 (RM6,486).

It is real. found this link on aliexpress. 

$23.85 for 338++ pieces set is kinda expensive to me. I expect the price will not exceed $20 when more seller have it. but still, $23.85 vs $192 set.. The imitation cost 12% of original set. (again with the numbers huh) you can do many other things with that excess of money.. (^_^)'. Now more people will be able to buy and play with this set.

Hey that's all for now. I gotta do something with those unread emails and comments. I definitely will read all of them and try my best to reply most of it but I would like to apologize in advance if I overlook them.