Sunday, 28 June 2015

SY213A-SY213D Ironman with Armoury

This set is one of the available option to display your Lego Ironman. I've seen some people combine a few set of Ironman lab SY305, (which is costly but cool) as a base to keep their growing collection. 

Each set come with 2 pieces of Swivel 1 x 4 Hinge Plate. But you only need one to combine with another set.

They look cool with this formation:

The display case can be connected sideway and on top, but as you can see from the image on the box, this is not how you combine them on top of each other.

You need to remove these top part to make the structure more stable.

..and this is how they suppose to look after you remove the top part of the lower armoury.

Assembled figures. From left: Mark 45, Mark 43, Iron Legion, Rubber Ducky. 

I hate it when they repeat a figure from another set. Sheng yuan had issued a similar Mark 45 in SY271, but without armour of course. :(. Rubber Ducky on the other hand is better than the one issued by Duo Le Pin.

Hmm, do you think these armour are necessary for Iron Man? I'm not sure where is the origin for the design. They are same in design but different in colours.

 Without armour:

So disappointed with Mark 43's head. I hate that robot face. I wish they make more like Rubber Ducky Mark 42 face. His head is form iron man SDCC 2012 (Bleeding edge).. cool right?

Comparison with original Lego on right:

Who do you think this is?

[update] thanks to @RHM for the clarification. 
This is actually Mark 42 but with more yellow on the suit designed by Agoodfella77.. Here's the picture that i got from @RHM:

Most of comment that i received on my review about DLP's ironman agree he's Rubber Ducky version. Here's a snapshot of Rubber Ducky from Marvel Avengers Assemble:

I've scanned the instructions manual if you want to build it yourself:

Last but not least, if you are looking to buy only selected figure, here's the set number for each figure: Mark 43 is from SY213A, Mark 45 is from SY213B, Iron Legion is from SY213C and Rubber Ducky is from SY213D.

Sheng Yuan SY279; Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Captain America

I expect this set will not be sold well as usual. It is a re-work of the earlier figure SY180 (roughly 2 years ago).

SY180 | Source: Aliexpress

if I see this set are sold separately, I would choose a particular figure only. Ironman, definitely. and maybe Captain and Batman. That's all

 They use newer plate with rotating part  as baseplate.

To cut a long story short, here's the assembled figures:

Each come with weapon but i hate it when they pair each figure with unnecessary weapon/accessories for example, hulk with rifle. After all, I've had a lot of that equipment. So I just put them aside.

Last but not least let's have detail look on the minifigure:

One thing I noticed, all the figures come with dual sided faces except Captain. 

The only figure that interest me is the Ironman. He's Mark 19 - Tiger, designed by Crayonboi.

There should be red line on the mask but for some reason Sheng Yuan issue this figure with standard gold face cover. maybe they still have lot of this part in their storage lol.

I also noticed Hulk wear new pants in the AOU, with red  and "A" logo. Superman has severe print of the belt (maybe the worst figure in this set) and Batman.. hmm. I wish to see newer cowl for batman (with open chin and shorter ears) but maybe my expectations are too high. They still use the old cowl :(
source: bricklink.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lele 79081 Hulkbuster Iron Man

This set is a direct clone of Lego 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash. Not only the box art, but the size of the box also is the same with original Lego set =).

Images of the box:

The parts are packed in 6 sealed bags and come with instructions manual. The Hulk came in preassemble state.

I use original Lego instructions with these clone bricks and here's the assembled set: 100% same with original Lego.

Comparison with original Lego figure on right:

1) Mark 43 Iron Man. Lele has the mouth/jaw part coloured wrongly. The gold colour on the mask also looks cheap.

2) Scarlet Witch. The colour of the eyes is not red on the alternate face.

3) Hulk. He wears a new AOU pants (nice!) unfortunately Lele decide to maintain his old hairstyle. He should have spiky hair style to match with the AOU pants.

4) Ultron Prime. I did my best to assemble him and this is his final form. Lele's  figure is taller than Lego >_<.

Here's the problem: His head cannot fit properly in his armor neck. 

5) Hulkbuster Iron Man - Mark 44

I was really surprised to hear the reaction of my son when I took picture of both of the above figure. Spontaneously, my son who is 5 years old told me, "dad, why your Hulk buster looks angry?" Only then I've noticed that the printed Hulk Buster Face Pattern made by Lele looks sad, while the one from Lego looks fiercer.

This is really unacceptable. This huge fella is the main attraction in this set. He should have angry/fierce looks, not sad/worried face. haha

[Please ignore the location of thrusters at the back the original build on right. I don't know why it's there. It's supposed to be on the 2 x 6 plate.]

I really don't like this set made by Lele and i don't recommend you guys to buy it. I have confidence with Sheng Yuan's version; let's hope they will have better face for this hulk buster =p.