Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sheng Yuan MK1 Iron Man

I purposely post about SY363A, SY363B and now about Iron Man MK1 at the same time to be more fair to most of you :). Some want me to review SY363 first and some want MK1. but still, it took me a while (almost 10 days) to come out with these review. ahaha. sorry!

I bought this set for RM30 ($7) from local shop. You can get one from aliexpress for $14.39 (with free shipping). wow, look at that price different. that's why i rather wait and buy these stuff from local shop. but the minus point here is that i have to wait longer when most of you guys might already got it. (^_^)".

Product code printed on the box: MK1. Hm, I can't tell if this set is Iron Man Mark 1 or actually Hulk Buster in grey but coincident with the set number "MK1". 

They use black box instead the usual brown box to store the content. Maybe they want to add premium/exclusive look to this set? Luckily the price is about the same as previous mecha set that i already reviewed. (^_^)".

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 9 sealed bags.

A few work in progress photos:

Assembled set: MK 1 (with Tony Stark figure inside) and  Iron Patriot minifigure.

Front, side and rear view of the mecha:

Same design with the standard Hulk Buster Iron Man. Pop up the Hulk Buster face and open up the front chest to fit Tony Stark figure inside.

They use ball-joint as the connector hence the flexible movement.

A few badass look of the assembled set:

Size comparison with the standard Hulk Buster Iron Man from LEGO #76031. Pardon me for using LELE's Hulkbuster in this comparison.

Close up pics of some interesting parts:

Iron Patriot and Tony Stark minifigure:

IMHO, this is definitely MK1 Iron Man. just look at that transparent orange part as flame sticking out his right hand and those hose and black spikey stuff at the back of his leg. Just because they use the the same face design with LEGO Hulkbuster makes me a little confused by this character. I wonder how this guy should look if SY create special part for the head to make it look exactly like this guy:

img source:

The only printed parts for this MK1 is the face and it's superb! Prints on the torso of the minifigures look great too.. but not Tony Stark's face (^_^)". My kids don't play much with this MK1 so it's still in one piece, no loose part either :).

[update on March 9th, 2016]
Guys.. guess what. there's another version of this MK1. with decals! ahaha. thanks to one of my friends (who do not want to be named aha :)) for these pictures:

Even the pictures on the box is different from mine... so it's definitely an upgrade.

Anyway, my search on aliexpress show image of this set without decals.. so how do we get this upgraded MK1? Aliexpress

SY363B Superman's Mecha

This post is a continuation from SY363A Batman's mecha here

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 6 sealed bags.

Printed parts. 

A few work in progress photos:

Assembled set:

Front, side and rear view of the mecha:

Adjustable rear wing:

Same with SY363A, SY use rotation joint ball half to connect the thigh with the hip but they still use ball-joint for the feet.

Lift up the windshield to expose Superman in the cockpit.

Superman's double barrel:

Trans-black diamond as the source for the gun:

Superman's mecha and Batman's mecha (from SY363A) use the same build to attach the upper and lower body. Look at that axle sticking out from the hip. Mine stick very well. I'm really sure both of this mecha wont split into two if they fight.

Ready, Set, Action!

Assembled minifigures:

These guy are not clone from Batman vs Superman LEGO sets or any previous super heroes LEGO set. 
image source: Bricklink

I hope SY and other brand will stop producing these type of mecha LEGO set (^_^)". Don't tell me they are going to make a mecha for every DC or Marvel super heroes ahaha.