Thursday, 24 March 2016

LEPIN No.05006 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Imitation of LEGO 75104

Okay.. this is it. I will watch Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in a few hours so I had to get this Kylo Ren Shuttle review out of my head. i'm not saying that movie has anything to do with this Lego set but I do not know why I'm stuck with this review. Took me 3 weeks to assemble it and another 2 weeks to write this. i just keep the photos in my laptop for complete 2 weeks. *sigh* time flies so fast.. and I do feel like a sloth ^_^.

I even forgot how much i paid for this set :(. Anyway, original LEGO set cost about $119.90 but this imitation cost only 1/3 of it.. roughly $41 with shipping (from aliexpress) .

The box is very big and i believe the size is the same with original LEGO.

Ouch! one of the bag has spilled. I just hope all the content is still in here.

18 bags of LEGO parts (including the ziplock with Kylo Ren's cape in it), 2 weapon rack and an instruction book

Here are some pictures of the progress:

Yikes! this 2x4 plate is covered in.. oily stuff. i hope it's not dangerous. 

Let's continue with a few more "work in progress" pics 

From left: First Order Stormtrooper Officer, Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, General Hux and 2x First Order Crew members. 

Even the weapons and accessories looks identical to the original LEGO set.

Long story short, here's the assembled set. it's huge.. and heavy too :). No missing pieces (luckily) and no loose parts. I love LEPIN's brick. It's hard to describe here but i like it. the feel, the color, and most importantly.. they stick really well.

Here's where you twist the mechanism by which the wings are raised and lowered for landing:

Extended wings:

Grill pieces to represent slight stepping of the ramp

I forgot to take few more photos on tiny flaps underneath the wing but you can see it folded in pics above.

More space/ seating area at the back of the craft:

Spring-loaded shooters at both side. Unfortunately, just like #05003, one of the spring shooter is broken. It cannot hold the ammo. LEPIN really need to fix this part. 

More pics of the individual minifigures:

LEGO parts in this set is superb. i'm just happy that there are no missing or loose parts in this set. I personally think minifigures in this set (except stormtrooper of course) are acceptable. The torso design is simple so there's not much detail to loose. About the stormtrooper, there's no other choice. you gotta replace him with another imitation >_<.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Imitation of LEGO Star Wars Dewback with Sandtrooper Minifigure by Pogo

I got this set without box at RM25 (USD6) from a friend. Anyway, I do not think this set comes with a box because couldn't find any pic of the box on Aliexpress. I sort the seller list according to the number of orders they received and here's the result:

This reptile is called dewback. Sandtroopers ride them to move around in the desert.

source: wiki

Actually this is the second variant of dewback made by LEGO. It comes from LEGO #75052 Mos Eisley Cantina (2014).

The first variant of dewback made by LEGO in #4501 (2004). 

You can still get the first variant from eBay at reasonable price.. considering the time gap between the two variations is almost 1 decade.

top - new variant, bottom - older version.

Do not be surprised if you found the imitation listed among original LEGO dewback on eBay (^_^)". 

2 sealed bags, instructions manual  and assembled dewback:

One of the sealed bags contain parts for sandtrooper:

You can build a saddle for the dewback with parts in another bag:

or if you want it without saddle, there's extra parts to cover the back:

Assembled saddle on the dewback:

The jaws can be opened and closed.

With printed tooth at the palate/floor. As you can see in this picture, the surface of the jaw looks rough and full of scratches .

Assembled minifigures:

They are not stingy with the accessories/weapons:

The minifigure is quite bad.. because of the print on the torso,leg and helmet.

But still i like it!