My Other Toy

I'm planning to share about my other toys on this page. now waiting more suitable time to upload few pics that i already have..

Power Rangers Megazord 20th Anniversary

Okay, i just bought this figure... but really have no time to elaborate in detail. let's the picture do the talking, okay? =)
front box
rear box
the figure come ready assembled

i love this guy the most!

some group photos =)

okay, i should have used better background =(

VOLTRON - 30th anniversary Collector's Set

Transformers Masterpiece

I've received last figure for my Batman figure.. from Movie Masters series. Catwoman!

I just want her for the parts that come with her. the base for my signal bat-connect.

now my signal bat connect is complete 100%. =)
with the light on

Masked Rider
My childhood superheroes.. and villain. Quite expensive for the accessories they offered =(


I'm very lucky that i didn't fall too deep in gunpla world. Thanks to my friend, for the influence and lucky because i don't really have such free time to assemble them, i decided i cannot collect gunpla. For this RG class (real grade) gunpla, it took me about 4 hours to complete him (and i havn't apply stickers yet!)

By the way, this fella here is Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed series. I never regret getting this. Only RM89.90 from Gunpla fair i attend at IKANO in Oct 2013.

Still, i'm quite amaze on the detail and beauty. i hope i can get back to this hobby in the future. =)


Batman Movie Masters
here's the batman figure. i need catwoman =(

Naruto KO Brand
i also manage to take photo of my naruto figure =)

Star Wars Black Series 
by Hasbro

I cannot wait to get display cabinet before i open these:
black series wave 2 already available but i dont have money to buy =(

Toy Story Revoltech
all from amiami directly

Mr.Incredible and Sully from HJL. only rm30 each because of promotion

Marvel Legends

one and only... and the last marvel legends. awesome figure but i dont want to start collecting them. too awesome


  1. Nice collection you've got there buddy.

    1. Hey thanks. gosh, I havn;t update this page in very long time.. ahahhaa =).

      Thanks for visiting =)

  2. Hi :)
    where can i get the star wars the black series?
    How much is it?

    1. Hi there. where are you from?

      I'm from Malaysia. last year, each figure is around RM80 but this year all figure is RM99.90 lol.

      Have you tried and i just bought emperor palpatine and Clone Troopers Captain from there. Alternatively you might get them from but the postage is more expensive because they are from US

  3. those transformers look amazing!!!!!! want them!!!! old school!!! i have optimus and rodimus!!!! i want those!!!!!!

    1. Hi @Stanley in Honduras, you too love transformers? nice! i only afford to buy the current release .. all the previous issue is too expensive >_<

  4. how much when u bought ur mp10?

    1. hi. got it at RM699 recently. this is reissue version :).

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  6. this look really cools. you should update your blog more

  7. These are all my childhood lego memories, thank you this is really a great article

  8. This is a great article. I am going to buy a brickset for my son. Thank you!


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