Thursday, 9 February 2017

LEGO 30607 polybag: Disco Batman & Tears of Batman

Fortunately, I still remember the password and username for this blog. do not be mad at me. I have handful of excuses that will bore you if i tried to explain (but i'm going to anyway, just to defend myself :p)
  • I'm not ashamed to admit that i have difficulty managing money spent on toys (other than Lego) hence I've missed a lot of 2016 Lego set.. both original and knock-off stuff. basically I do not have anything to blog.
  • I have very tough and demanding bosses. but thanks to them i'm now pro in kiss-ass yes-man to my bosses
  • I have one more professional paper to pass and i gotta pass it this mac or june!(last attempt). gosh it's next month. My next post will be made in june.. i consider this as early announcement. I should be more disciplined and study more regularly :(
Enough with all the babbling..  Just for today, I want to share with you my excitement:

All Lego Batman movie related stuff!

I will summarize how to get all this. Oops wait. if you are not interested with the goodies, you may scroll down further until you see image of 30607 polybag. they are very nice and cool minifigs!

I get all these from visits to:
  1. GSC cinema (inside Mid Valley Megamall,KL), - to get the movie tickets and random voucher/coupon to claim for the lego polybag
  2. Lego pop-up event store (also inside Mid Valley,KL), - to get sticker sheet, enjoy play area, photo op, mini cinema and mascot appearance (unfortunately no mascot at the time of our visit)
  3. McDonalds (having lunch here) - to get the The Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys
  4. Lego Certified Store at Bangsar. - to get the free polybag!
TLG (The Lego Group) Malaysia is very wise to create super strict conditions for these polybags:
Pics taken from google

Which one do you wish to get? Me? Of course polybag #30607. I expect it will be the most expensive polybag among these three. Ok back to the conditions. Here's what stated on LEGO (Malaysia) Facebook page. Sorry i don't have better picture:

and here's more promotional flyer taken from LEGO Malaysia fb page;

Meaning you have to visit GSC Cinemas and buy minimum 2 tickets to get the voucher/coupon to claim the polybag (it's not free. you have to buy RM100 or RM150 worth of lego batman movie set to get one polybag)

I bought 4 tickets so i got two vouchers/coupons:

It's random so you don't know which polybag you will be entitled. Lucky me both is #30607 :)

Detailed info about the voucher/coupon here: GSC Promotional Blind Coupon

Terms and conditions for free sticker sheet: Exclusive Lego Sticker Gift

Here's some photos of the event that i took from LEGO fb page: credit to them

and here's what we got after completing little games that they organised (building a jail to confine The Joker and mapping a Batman signal on baseplate). 

My kids really love this photo taken from the photo booth. The best part.. it's free!

More free stuff:

I almost forgot. here's the toys for this week's happy meal: Batman/Batgirl Tin (puzzle inside) and Robin/Catwoman Tin (sticker inside). More info from McDonald's Malaysia website

alternate side

Then I decided to go to the nearest Lego Certified Store (Bangsar) to claim my free polybag. Since i have to spent at least RM150 in a single receipt to use one coupon, i bought Lego 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape + 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase  and in another receipt Lego 70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller. 

Pure happiness:

I know i still have 7 more polybags to go (according to the list compiled by The Brick Fan) but getting this #30607 is my priority. next i would like to have Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman (5004928) and Batman Battle Pod (5004929).


Finally.. pictures of both batman in #30607:

Extra parts from this polybag;

I really love this cape... the color is metallic gold and thick too. 

That's all for now... i hope i will get new polybag soon :)


  1. Welcome back brah! LOL I check your blog nearly everyday.

    1. Those polybags are sweet man. Lego really went to new heights to promote this movie and milk the merchandise.

      You know I'm not a Lego superhero fan but this time they've got something for everybody. I want the bald Alfred and Dick Grayson minifigs.

    2. hi @apodistagon. and today they start the new promo... the battle pod polybag.need to buy rm200 lego batman set to get one. i must say, they know how to make sure people buy the batman movie set. for sure they will do the same with upcoming lego movie.. ninjago movie if im correct

    3. Do you really want to buy those TLBM sets or just buy for the sake of collecting minifigs? There's definitely ppl who buy just to get promotional stuff and minifigs. Dem this strategy works!

  2. Heyo, welcome back.

    So much promotional stuff! Wish we had such movie promotion here.
    Gotta grab those McDonalds toys today.

  3. Glad you're finally back!
    I have the Disco and Tears figures from Lego store promotion, but I am hoping that Bootlego companies will duplicate Kiss Tux as standard minifigure!

    1. hi @Batsie Blocks. im sure they will do same promo about those polybag in your country soon. where are you from btw? if i recall correctly, this is the first time we Malaysian get to own these kind of free stuff (lego polybag) at same time with us/uk. maybe earlier than some country.

    2. hi @Anonymous. its been very long time since i bought stuff from china haha. from RM2 to RM2.50 and now RM3.50 for one knock off figure.. damn.. that's very bad exchange rate. i havnt open my kiss kiss tux polybag but i dont intend to remove the keychain attached to the head :(. yeah i rather buy RM3.50 knock off figure just for this batman :))

    3. @ Legostore My
      We don't have official Lego Shop unfortunately so we won't get any promotions. Even McD skipped boxes and 3d glasses, only got 2 cups and 2 masks.

  4. welcome back bro..LCS (Lego Certified Store) in Indonesia didn't have any promotional event for Lego Batman Movie, so I am still searching for Kiss Kiss Tuxedo polybag, maybe you have two and want to sell it to me? :D

    1. hi @TechnoFreaks. i read in fb group that the kiss kiss tuxedo polybag out of stock here at all lcs outlet in malaysia. i myself got it with 1 to 1 exchange with my disco/tears batman poly. 2 batman with one keychain doesnt seem fair to me haha.. but for now one is enough. im sure we can get them from us/uk cheaper.

    2. sadly, kiss kiss tuxedo is sold at RM100 here in Indonesia & the tiger batman is about at RM167 T.T

      are those polybags sold at LCS in Malaysia for now? or they are just for promotional event only?

  5. welcome back bro...sudah lama tunggu

    1. hey @farish ayub. im sure you already get your battlepod polybag today. i got mine just now.. phew. all small set sold out lah.

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