Tuesday, 13 May 2014

71005 Minifigure The Simpsons in Malaysia

I dedicate this post specifically to all AFOL in Malaysia. I wanna share something about Simpsons series minifigure. It has been 2 weeks now since the earlier hype about the figure were discussed in local forums and Facebook group.

The simpsons cmf (collectible minifigures) is priced at RM11.90 each bag. It's the same price like the previous the lego movie cmf. The retail is RM11.90 - no matter where you bought it - Lego Store, Brickplay, Brickboytoys, Parkson, or Toy's R'us. 

However, this series CMF have 3 complete set (set of 16) in a box. so most AFOL will grab a box and split them with friends or sell the extra set of 16 @online. If you buy them at those place that i mention earlier, the retail price for a box (60 pack) is RM714.. but, lucky for us. this year, Lazada also selling them, but only in sealed box of 60 at price RM669.90 (free postage too)! it's RM44.10 cheaper! and if you use discount code.. (i forgot what is it), you will get additional RM30 discount! So the whole box only cost you RM639.90. That is RM10.67 (about USD 3.29) per pack! Retail price that i inform you before is RM11.90 (USD3.67) per pack.

However, it's not easy to be that lucky. The simpsons CMF stock at Lazada will gone in few hours (or maybe minutes) once they are available. I hope Lazada will restock them soon. Seriously, this new and really interesting price of simpsons cmf make me think it's worth to wait for any new lego set that will be offered by Lazada =) 

Knock Off... of everything,,

I don't know how to start.. Knock off lego is everywhere and at very fast pace.. It's cheap, but if you buy all imitation available, the money spent might able you to buy one or two original lego.

Look at what i found here:

these is suppose to be in set of 8, but i only have 7 of them

More knock off set =(

This time i found new brand (at least for me..) Bozhi. From the looks of the picture on the box. they look exactly set 6858 Catwoman Catcyle City Chase, 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle and 76002 Superman: Metropolis Showdown *shock*

source: google

Last but not least, new imitation set by Decool. This time they choose to imitate set from polybag. 30160 Batman: Jet Surfer, 30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle, and 30302 Ultimate Spider-man

source: google
Instead of imitate these in polybag, they use box. I must admit, they look exclusive.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

How i display my Lego Simpsons Minifigure

Got my lego simpsons collectible minifigures last week but only manage to open the pack and display them yesterday. Tadaaa!!

But i just remember i have extra ribba frame!

I've already share with you guys how i use ikea frame to display my minifigure.. in my 2013 post. but maybe some of you miss that post, so today i would like to show you guys my latest minifigure with the ikea frame =)

Stuff that you need:

1) Ribba frame (in this photo i use (22x23x4.5cm)
2) 2x2 white bricks
3) Superglue or UHU glue
4) a pencil
5) a ruler
6) a knife
7) thick cardboard for background

It's very easy and quick to do. You may use the measurement of sample photo inside the frame to cut the cardboard for background. Then nicely glue 2 x 2 bricks to the cardboard. wait the glue to dry and walla.. you are ready to stick your lego figure on the 2x2 bricks.

But please consider bigger size minifigure like medusa won't fit on the 2x2 bricks. some modification need to be done. maybe you can cut medusa tail's off. lol. in my sample above,i have scratchy stand on the frame border instead on the 2 x 2 bricks because of his tail. =)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lego Fantastic Four by Decool

Hey guys! It's here!
Screenshot from video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes
(source: http://www.comicvine.com)

I'm not sure if Lego will actually making Fantastic Four set in the future, but one thing for sure - Decool is ahead of them. I got this set today:

front view 
rear view

Decool always introduce new set (minifigures) in set of 6, but for this fantastic 4, its in set of 4.

inside the box: play card, small brochure, and the figure with its accessories

If we compare the screenshot above with the minifigures below, looks like Decool try to design the minifigures as close to the character from the game. except The Thing. It will be cool if Decool produce The Thing in Hulk size - bigger =)

front view
rear view
One thing noticeable for Decool minifigure - the head has dual print face and the leg assembly is not the same with original lego. You can have a look at the leg assembly in this picture: 

I personally love these 2 the most. I love Invisible Woman because she got beautiful face- just look at the eyelashes. very detail printing  =) kinda remind me of Jessica Alba from Fantastic Four movie in 2005 and 2007. and i love The Thing because his leg have printed "fantastic 4" logo. Of course if he come in bigger size, i will love him the most. but for now, these design will do. No need to buy very expensive custom print fantastic four minifigure on ebay.

update: Now decool release big size 'Thing'. This fella now as big as The Hulk! (link)

Good morning.. Bilbo! or Bilbo Baggins - Patchwork Coat

I got mine today! very handsome fella. Love the outfit (torso) very much.. even the arm also is printed!

This figure come from the Lego Hobbit video game. another expensive way to get an exclusive figure..

Look at the printed arm! very detailed!

now i've completed the Bilbo Baggins variant =))))))

Printscreen of bricklink catalogue on 3rd May 2014 showing variant of Bilbo Baggins available to date: