Wednesday, 30 July 2014

List of bootleg Lego Ironman

New list: (updated: April 25th, 2015)

Got some free time today so i decided to do some reference for bootleg ironman produced by Sheng Yuan and Decool. [updated on December 20th, 2014]

..and here's some picture of Hot Toys figure (source: google) of those ironman

 Please feel free to correct me if there's other mark that i'm missing =)


Monday, 28 July 2014

List of Decool Figure

Hi guys! I manage to list down all characters of Lego figure that Decool produce. I hope its sufficient for your reference. I know using pictures of the boxes will give clearer picture on the said character but it will take me some time to find those pictures. (i need to be more organised in saving those pictures in my hard disk *sigh*)

anyway, please update me if you think any of the info is wrong/need update.


I would like to say thanks all of you who continuously send info/news about these bootleg lego so that i can update the list accordingly..


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lego Iron Man Laboratory, Lego Suit-up Gantry

Building Step/Instructions for Iron Man Lab made available by Lego at their Lego Club can be download here: Building Instructions Iron Man Lab

429 parts of Lego needed to build this set and here's mine:

Please note that all lego parts that i used for the lab are 100% genuine original lego except these 4 figure:

I did try to source the exact parts needed according to instructions and spent about USD120 for them. yes, it's very expensive and sounds not logic at all. But just imagine, i order these parts from 7 different source (from Bricklink - mostly from Europe seller). If postage cost for one order is USD7, postage cost for 7 order is USD49. So the balance USD120 - USD49 = USD71 is for the parts. USD71 for 428 parts sounds more logic, right? So the conclusion here is, my iron man lab is expensive due to the postage cost.. and if you notice from the picture above, some parts have different colour than the one listed in manual. - please have a look at the 16 x 32 baseplate, i use green colour baseplate when i'm supposed to use dark-bluish  grey colour baseplate. Even some of the tiles that i used are supposed to be grill tile. I'm sure it will cost more if i follow 100% the colour as per instructions. My current build is only about 97%  accurate to original instructions but i already happy with it.

Anyway, satisfaction to complete the iron man lab is priceless, and i love every single part of this lab.

I completed this Iron Man Lab years ago, but was called to blog about it now because i found this on the Tabao page.

OMG!!!!! Sheng Yuan, are you for real? I did saw some set like this before but the origin is unclear and not famous

source: ebay

However when Sheng Yuan or Decool come out with something like this, i gotta try it!.. and guess what.. look at the price.. I found these on Tabao.

The Iron Man Lab is only 70yuan, that is about USD11! My Iron Man Lab using original Lego cost me USD 120! What more surprising is their shipping cost. I choose EMS, and the shipping cost only 30yuan (USD4.80) for these 3 set. 

For summary, all these 3 set cost only 31.65usd inclusive shipping cost. Delivery using EMS option will take quite some time but at least its trackable.

I don't want to accuse anything, but just like how Sheng Yuan use the original lego building instructions and sell complete set of Iron Man Lab, they might stole the instructions for the Suit-Up Gantry from Lego-Ideas (also known as CUSOO previously).. maybe.. just maybe..

I received some email from you guys asking on how to order stuff from Tabao. No trick required. I myself do not understand/know how to read chinese language at all but i use Google Chrome to translate the website. Payment can be done via credit card. That's all =)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

2nd wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Decool

This is one of the Decool release that i wait for months! The only figure that interest me are Shadow Leonardo and Kraang in Battle Damage Suit, both an exclusive minifigures giveaway during New York Comic Con 2012.

Actually this is the first series that Decool release their figure in set of 8. 

Instead of releasing 2 variant of Donatello, i think they should imitate other character maybe Dogpound? By the way, these are Decool first release of TMNT series (set of 6)

When it come to TMNT, they are not complete without their fancy accessories. Please click the picture to view bigger image.

...and how they look like without accessories:

..and my favourite picture is when i got to compare them side by side with original lego. Out of 8 figures above, (of course i don't have the 2 NYCC figures) I have all but Shredder. So these are comparison pictures, figure on the right is original lego and Decool is on the left. 

At first glance, it can be seen that Decool have 100% similar design with Lego, the only different is the colour scheme and placement of the design. Even the turtle shell is 100% same.

So, for now decool has the closest imitation to original compared to Sheng Yuan,. In one  of my review before Sheng Yuan TMNT, the turtle shell of Sheng Yuan's version is different from lego

right - original lego, left - Sheng Yuan's
Uh, now i kinda love this accessories - Skateboards! i can't believe Decool actually give all of them a skateboard each! so colourful =)

Last but not least, my most favourite figure - 2 NYCC exclusive figures in one set!

Do you think these imitation are anywhere near to the original NYCC? I don't have any to compare =(

Source: Google image

Source: Google image

How much do you think these 2 original figures price? Tada.... (source: bricklink)

Oh, before i forgot.. here's the latest catalog of Decool figure that i found in the box:
the cover image

pages inside the catalog

0156, 0157, 0158, 0159 - Future Foundations figure. Cannot wait to get them!