Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Lego Movie Promotional Set Theatre Seating

Yesterday i received all parts that i ordered to MOC the theatre seating set of the lego movie. Initially ordered enough to make 8 set, all for myself. but i was forced by my friends to sell to them. so now i'm left with two

I modified few parts to attach them together.

I also found this picture when i google about the set.
source: google image
Looks like i'm 98% right about the parts used. One of the parts that i used is 1x 1x12 brick, but in this manual, the set used 3x 1x4 brick =)

too bad i only have bubble jet printer at home.. i try to design the background as close as i can to the original one..

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My collection - Hobbit Minifigure

Finally i manage to sort all my hobbit from 2012 till 2014 in display case.. phew. took me about 2 hours to check them with bricklink.. yeah, i'll be honest with you guys.. i did watch hobbit few times but i still can't remember all their name. lol. all about the same size and i'm not sure they are from hobbit or lord of the ring set. so bricklink is my source. =)

Thorin and Company - from 2012 Hobbit set

Other minifigure from 2012 Hobbit set

I believe Goblin King won't fit in any case that i have for now...
all hobbit minifigure from 2012 set
Minifigure from 2014 hobbit set

I really love 2014 hobbit set. One of the reason is because lego only make one variant of Thorin Oakenshield (in lake-town outfit) vs to previous set - thorin in chain mail. Imagine if lego make variant of other hobbit member... phew.. that's about 14 hobbit figure!

I cannot wait to have this year exclusive figure Good Morning Bilbo Baggins. 

to welcome this figure in my collection, i already reserved a spot in my case. Dedicated case just for bilbo baggins variant =)

2012 and 2014 Hobbit minifigures

By the way, this is not complete collection of Hobbit minifigure. There are few other bad guy missing.. mostly variant of Orc and few good guys from polybag that i haven't open =p
from left: mirkwood elf guard from 30212 polybag and lake-town guard from 30216 polybag

owh, since i'm sorting the hobbit/lord of the ring minifigure, here are pictures of some characters variant:
Legolas Greenleaf from Hobbit 79001 or 30215 set (left) and
Lord of The Ring 79008 or 9473 set (right)

Aragorn both from Lord of The Ring set - 9472/79008/9474 (left) and set 79007 (right)
Mirkwood Elf - with hood and without hood

owh..... by the way. i love this guy A LOT!

Azog also appear as one of the exclusive in San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2013.
I think it's the same azog from 79014

Yeah, it's the same azog =)

The special card attached to the SDCC figure could cost you $700!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Knock Off Spongebob minifigure

They do look colourful =)

I have some original minifigure. maybe i can do comparison of them later =)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lego Football/Soccer Coca Cola

Thinking about the coming FIFA 2014 this june already make me excited. Now i just remember about my coca-cola promotional polybag... uh uh.. i need 2 more.. 4443 and 4449 in sealed bags. 

i do have the minifigure from those 2 set but i forgot where i keep the bags!

Lego minifigure of 2014

I received a few parcel this month... tada!!!!

Might need few hours to display them in RM5 daiso case =). how many case do i need eh?

but first, i really enjoy taking photos of new minifigures with the previous variant.

some group photos =p

one thing for sure.. i need another dedicated case just for lord of the ring/hobbit minifigure =(

hey, i just notice the expression on the purple and tan pants hulk is slightly different! look at the face ~

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fake Lego Hulk - Both Purple and Tan Coloured Pants!

Speechless again! Now they come in set too!

But the quality is not anywhere near the original. Here's some photos of original vs imitation. The imitation for some reason is shinier than the original Lego.

There's a number printed on the original lego 

The blue technic pin is not removable from the KO hulk

Same with purple pants hulk, tan coloured pants hulk also has glossy

same with purple pants hulk, a number was printed at the feet

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lego Martian Manhunter from Justice and Injustice League

ya, i'm such a slowpoke. just got my martian manhunter polybag today. Now i can snap picture of him with another guy from justice league =p

martian manhunter from different league
Original lego martian manhunter is on the left (he's from Injustice League) and the imitation martian manhunter on the right (from Justice League) is from Decool. somehow i'm really satisfied with this pair. now i wonder if Decool purposely manufactured martian manhunter from Justice League because they know Lego is making one from Injustice League.

wow, i'm really thankful to one of the reader for pointing out this 2 design is from 2 different league =)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Variant of Doc Ock

Since i just restart buying lego only last year, i miss a lot of great set before, so my main source for lego set is from Bricklink.

One of my favourite villain is Doc Ock. However i only have Doc Ock from set 6873 Spider Man's Doc Ock Ambush. I bought the set last year (2012). 

I always try to have all variant of minifigures  So, when i check bricklink, there are total of 6 variant of Doc Ock! But i cannot afford to have all variant, because of the price =p. Here's the pic of my Doc Ock =) The other variant that i don't have is really similar to the 2nd from left. For the other 2, the torso is the same, but only face print is different.

The one on the left is from set 4857 - Doc Ock's Fusion Lab - year 2004

2nd from left is from 4854 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery (Thin Smirk face print), and the other 2 design that i don't have is from 4855 Spider Man's Train Rescue  (Clenched Teeth smile face  print) and 4856 Doc Ock's Hideout -(Thin Toothy Smile face print). You can see from the image below, the torso print is the same, only face print is different.

The latest Doc Ock that i have is from 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

I just add them to my wanted list. maybe i just grab it if i accidentally found them when placing order for other parts.

junior spidey cannot make it =p