Friday, 31 January 2014

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series

wow, when most of us still excited about the lego movie minifigure series, now lego already give hint about the Lego 71005 the simpsons series minifigures blind bags

source from google
Instead of assigning signature color like the previous CMF series previously, Lego instead opted to decorate the Lego Simpsons CMF bags and cases with very simple but familiar Simpsons clouds motif. I'm not sure if this is just prototype.

There are only 6 minifigures in 71006 The Simpsons House set, and the first one that lego introduced to be in the blind bag is Homer Simpsons himself. 

The Lego Simpsons Minifigure Series 71005 is scheduled to be release in May 2014, only few months away!

Lego Ghostbuster is the next in Cuusoo!

OMG OMG OMG i can't believe this. This lego set is created by Brent waller and he shared his creation in cuusoo. now lego decided to make it official!

source from google
His Batman tumbler didn't make it last year. If you want to see what other project Brent Waller is working on, you can check here:

Here's the video of the announcement for the cuusoo project:

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Build with chrome - must try!

If you dont want to install LDD (Lego Digital Designer), now you can play around with lego bricks virtually by using Chrome. Yes, the web browser! but of course you need to install the extensions for it.

You may want to check the advertisement here. very nice vid!

The tools originally developed by a team of Google Developer in Australia during June 2012 to celebrate 50th anniversary of Lego bricks but recently published for others to enjoy it too.

You can open the tool using chrome for android using your smart phone or tablet too =)

How to make weapon from Lego

Wow, why i choose that for my post title. Ahahaha. =)

Yesterday i received the last parcel that i need to complete Lego Sniper Rifle. I found the instruction on how to make it from Youtube. The original designer/creator is infectedbear and you can visit his youtube page here

Total of at least 1,200 lego pieces will be used and i spent roughly RM600++ for all these part inclusive postage that i source mostly from Germany and Poland =)
sometimes i received that gummybear in my parcel. so nice of that seller =)
Initially i don't want to write about this sniper rifle before i already completed one but i believe it will take me some time to build it. The exact video for the instruction is here and you can find the instruction in LDD (Lego Digital Designer) at the description.

Wish me luck, guys. hope i can build it =)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusive Lego Batman minifigure

Look!!! Now i'm one of the lucky owner to have this exclusive minifigure. Only 1,500 copies given away to those lucky raffle winner at SDCC 2011. Yes, it's very expensive and totally not worth it. Won it on ebay last week. The price is about 7pcs lego iron patriot. LOL. Its expensive but cheaper from Bricklink that have them about $280. So the only way acceptable to get this is by trying your luck at ebay, seriously.

Let's have closer look

I love the minifigure very much and i really want to know the story behind it. So i ask the seller directly =)

Going to ikea soon to buy a frame for this little fella =)

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Lego Movie Exclusive minifigure

Now it's confirmed we will have 3 additional exclusive minifigure for The Lego Movie theme. It's Pyjamas Emmet minifigure, Radio Dj Robo minifigure and Western Emmet minifigure. (all picture from google) 

As you can guess, you can get them from ebay at amazingly ridiculous price or from purchases of certain The Lego Movie video games that will be released this 7th February.  It's like tradition for lego to force us to buy the video games just to get the minifigure. Last year it was the iron patriot minifigure with The Lego Marvel video game and last 2 years was the exclusive Elrond minifigure with the Lego Lord of The Rings video game. I didnt buy those 2 games, but i bought the polybag from ebay at RM90 each =(.

Earlier this year, i read somewhere that you have to pre-order the game from Gamestop or EB Games if you want to have the Western Emmet minifigure. Only yesterday the word spread that the Radio Dj Robo minifigure also only be given away with pre-order of the games from Walmart. What the heck. meaning you have to buy the same game to have two different exclusive minifigure and it's still uncertain how the Pyjamas Emmet will be released.

The western Wyldstyle minifigure is part of the Minifigure series The Lego Movie. I'm sure the Western Emmet is good combination to make them a couple. Hence, it's must have for lego collectors like me. 

Emmet in pyjamas minifigure looks familiar with Sleepyhead minifigure from Lego Minifigure Series 6, don't you think? =). Exactly the same torso.

update@9 Feb 2014:
Toys R Us Canada store giveaway for the Lego Movie Scratch Card Promotion include either an exclusive Lego Movie Minifigure (Western Emmet, Radio DJ Robo and Emmet in Pyjamas) ,a activity book, a $5 toys R Us gift card of 70809 Lord Business Evil Lair.

This means those who lucky to get the minifigure dont need to pre-order a video game. Just bring your The Lego movie ticket stub to a toys R Us Canada store to receive free scratch card. OMG.. so lucky…. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

New lego set at Lego Store Bangsar Village II

Wahh! i'm really excited today (looks like i'm always excited.. haha). There're new lego set available at Lego Store@Bangsar Village II!

Price for some small set like 31010,31014 and 31015 is only RM19.90?? For this price, i'm willing to get 3 unit each! so i can have all alternate design.56 parts for RM19.90.. please go and get it. i definitely going to get 3 box of emerald express because i cannot afford to have 10194 emerald night =(

Even The Lego Movie set also available! and as expected, price for the small set like 70800 and 70801 is RM74.90. 

My prediction is right =). in my post before (The Lego Movie), i predict the small set is about RM65. Looks like the same with ALJ pricing =(. This is not good. i expect the price should be lower because it's Lego Store, direct from TLG(The Lego Group) and not like before, via distributor ALJ.

Even the sticker at the back of the box also show it's now from Lego directly, not from ALJ: (source from Lowyat forum. /credit)

Hm, they really exist =p

Even the new batman set also available here =) 

But if you want to survey more, you can actually get them cheaper at Brickboy Toys (Facebook - BBT). Same retail price with Lego Store but if you have Brickboy Toys member card, you can get additional 5% =). Actually you can check the price at their facebook page. =)

Last week, the nearest place you can buy these is from Singapore. Now we can have it in Malaysia too!! IMHO, the price is very okay.. a minifigure and extra bricks for RM49.90 =)

and many other set.. 

All these pictures are not mine. i got them from fb user Long Ji Ming. so all credit to him. thanks bro =)