Thursday, 28 January 2016

DOLL D120 Star Wars The Force Awakens LEGO minifigures

This is my 3rd set of LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens minifigures. Let's see if this set is better than OK1047 or Dargo #867.

There's only 6 minifigures in this set and a box like this accommodate 2 complete sets. 

Name of the minifigures are written on the box:

D120-1 Lego Captain Phasma
D120-2 Lego First Order Stormtrooper
D120-3 Lego First Order Flametrooper
D120-4 Lego General Hux
D120-5 Lego Kylo Ren
D120-6 Lego First Order Tie Fighter Pilot

I was surprised to open the first box and found out there is white figure in the bag when I expect a black figure (General Hux). I assume this is just a common error..they must have wrongly packed that poor guy with General Hux.

Hey, turned out all bags come with extra figure! Silly me. I did not pay attention to the box. (^_^)'. You will get extra First Order Crew Member OR First Order Flametrooper with each figure!

Front and rear view of the minifigures: (Main minifigures on right side and the extra figure on left side.)

Hmm, I hereby confirmed that the quality of the minifigures (in terms of the plastic and print on the torso) is much better than OK or Dargo. 

I could not believe they were very generous to give these extra figures at the same price for 6 figures.

If you are planning to build an army of FO stormtrooper and FO flametrooper, this set is the one. I can't believe i get these at price of 6!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

OK1047 Star Wars The Force Awakens Minifigures set of 12

Looks like The Force Awakens fever is almost over but i just received Lepin's Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle (imitation of # 75104) and First Order Transporter (imitation of # 75103) today. Ouch. im not going to review about them today. I still have 2 set of minifigures by OK and DOLL to review (^_^)". as usual, sorry for the delay.. (i'm also aware that i haven't reply to the comments in the previous post)

This is the second set of imitation LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens that I have. The first set that I have reviewed is from Dargo that you can read here.

There are 12 minifigure in this series and they come in a box like this that can accommodate 2 complete sets.

The place where I get this stuff has sold one set to another person so they allow me to bring home this box.

The name of the following characters are written on the box, but to facilitate the search, let me re-type them as below:

OK1047-1 Lego Finn
OK1047-2 Lego Rey
OK1047-3 Lego Kylo Ren
OK1047-4 Lego Captain Phasma
OK1047-5 Lego Chewbacca
OK1047-6 Lego C-3PO (Dark Red Arm)
OK1047-7 Lego Han Solo
OK1047-8 Lego Tie Fighter Pilot
OK1047-9 Lego First Order Stormtrooper Officer/Commander
OK1047-10 Lego First Order Stormtrooper
OK1047-11 Lego First Order Snowtrooper Officer/Commander
OK1047-12 Lego First Order Snowtrooper

Pictures of rear/front view of the figures:

I'm not sure if I forget to install Respiratory Pipe or it is not included for this First Order TIE Fighter Pilot

The original color for the pauldron is not supposed to be red for this stormtrooper officer?

As you can see in the pictures above, the print on the torso is clear (except for Kylo Ren who have a distorted print) but almost ALL have funny faces and bad print on their helmet/mask. Chewbacca is the worst.. he looks like a clown to me.. a scary one.

Last but not least.. what do you guys think about the pauldron? I was almost excited when I saw the Pauldron (with Dark Red Shoulder Pattern) that looks just like LEGO, until ....

..they are not made of cloth, but only paper :(. but they still look great in pictures.. right?

Accessories/Weapons and extra parts for the stand/holder:

Closer view of the baseplate.

Hmm, at least we can get all the main characters in one single set.. including the useless Captain Phasma lol

Monday, 25 January 2016

Sheng Yuan SY295 Super Heroes

I'm sure most of us are into super heroes movies, regardless of the DC or Marvel or from other categories. Are you excited to watch these?

I start my excitement with Sheng Yuan lol. I wanna buy Doctor Who LEGO Set #21304 but all stores are sold out. The place that i went (LEGO Certified Store here in Malaysia) asked me if I was interested to get in their "waiting list" but they are not certain when they will restock (^_^)". Those LEGO set will never be enough.. ahaha. 

Set of 8's Sheng Yuan's Heroes Assemble that i got last week;

Hmm, i think i might have a problem naming some of the variant.

Assembled figure with accessories/weapons:

1. LEGO Harley Quinn from #76035 Jokerland. The alternate (rear) face is different from LEGO.

2. LEGO Batman (unknown variant). I hate those faces. Perhaps it's inevitable as they try to align the eyes with the hole in the cowl.

3. LEGO Iron Man Mark 33 Silver Centurion. 

Is this the same figure, which will be released in polybag with pre-order video games?

The only figure in this set that has print on the side of the arms and legs.

[update@Feb 26th,2016] 
@Lost Scribe has kindly made a review of Lego's Silver Centurion which you can read here. Thanks Lost Scribe!

4. LEGO Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) Captain America.

This is one of the exclusive SDCC 2015 figure. Only 1,500 were released. If you hate knock off, you can get him on ebay for only $230.

5. LEGO Arsenal, aka Roy Harper.

He's also one of SDCC 2015 Exclusive figure. 

Decool already have him in #0233. You can have a look at my review here.

6. LEGO Yellow Jacket. Exactly same with LEGO.

Wayyy better than Lele's from #79057

7. LEGO Batman (unknown variant)

8. LEGO Deathstroke (unknown variant)

All the mini-builds, accessories and weapon collected from the characters in this set:

Quality of the plastic and print of the minifigures are superb as can be expected from Sheng Yuan:

Arsenal (Roy Harper) and Falcon (Sam Wilson) is must have in this set. Luckily just 2 exclusive SDCC minifigures were introduced in 2015 and now I've had both :)