Tuesday, 21 February 2017

LEGO 5004929 Batman Battle Pod Polybag

You guys wont believe how early i went to LEGO store to get this. I happened to be at one of Lego Certified Store (LCS) nearby place that I would do an audit today... so LEGO first, work later LOL.

Oh, it's about the latest promo on LEGO Batman Movie polybag - Batman with tiger print suit. Long story short: You need to spend RM200 on LEGO Batman Movie Play sets/Play materials to redeem one.

(update: you can get similar promo at Box of Bricks Malaysia on 24th Feb (Friday)).

info taken from LCS's FB page

Let The Pictures Do The Talking!

Cannot stress enough.. but please get them as soon as you can.

meme from google

Some already list them on ebay at RM150. O_o

Run, Batman, Run!!!

LEGO 5004928 Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman Key Chain

Another LEGO Batman movie polybag from recent promotion (LCS & GSC) in Malaysia. I didn't get it from purchase of RM100 Lego set but i exchanged it with my extra #30607 polybag (Disco Batman & Tears of Batman). Exchange of two LEGO Batman figure with a keychain.. not fair at all but most LCS outlets in Malaysia have already run out of stock.. so i have no choice. Malaysian (including me) really loves free stuff LEGO. hehe

It's only 1 piece so nothing to assemble here :)

I'll add this variant to my collection as it is. yeah.. with the metal chain attached to the head. If you would like to remove the keychain, just google "how to remove keychain from lego figure" and you'll get tons of diy/tips. (hint: it'll involve heat) but i'm not going to torture mine with it.. hehe.. wait till i get extra figure to do the experiment.

Anyway, I'm more excited with LEGO 5004929 Batman Battle Pod that i managed to get one today. I'll share with you guys in next post :)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

LEGO 30607 polybag: Disco Batman & Tears of Batman

Fortunately, I still remember the password and username for this blog. do not be mad at me. I have handful of excuses that will bore you if i tried to explain (but i'm going to anyway, just to defend myself :p)
  • I'm not ashamed to admit that i have difficulty managing money spent on toys (other than Lego) hence I've missed a lot of 2016 Lego set.. both original and knock-off stuff. basically I do not have anything to blog.
  • I have very tough and demanding bosses. but thanks to them i'm now pro in kiss-ass yes-man to my bosses
  • I have one more professional paper to pass and i gotta pass it this mac or june!(last attempt). gosh it's next month. My next post will be made in june.. i consider this as early announcement. I should be more disciplined and study more regularly :(
Enough with all the babbling..  Just for today, I want to share with you my excitement:

All Lego Batman movie related stuff!

I will summarize how to get all this. Oops wait. if you are not interested with the goodies, you may scroll down further until you see image of 30607 polybag. they are very nice and cool minifigs!

I get all these from visits to:
  1. GSC cinema (inside Mid Valley Megamall,KL), - to get the movie tickets and random voucher/coupon to claim for the lego polybag
  2. Lego pop-up event store (also inside Mid Valley,KL), - to get sticker sheet, enjoy play area, photo op, mini cinema and mascot appearance (unfortunately no mascot at the time of our visit)
  3. McDonalds (having lunch here) - to get the The Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys
  4. Lego Certified Store at Bangsar. - to get the free polybag!
TLG (The Lego Group) Malaysia is very wise to create super strict conditions for these polybags:
Pics taken from google

Which one do you wish to get? Me? Of course polybag #30607. I expect it will be the most expensive polybag among these three. Ok back to the conditions. Here's what stated on LEGO (Malaysia) Facebook page. Sorry i don't have better picture:

and here's more promotional flyer taken from LEGO Malaysia fb page;

Meaning you have to visit GSC Cinemas and buy minimum 2 tickets to get the voucher/coupon to claim the polybag (it's not free. you have to buy RM100 or RM150 worth of lego batman movie set to get one polybag)

I bought 4 tickets so i got two vouchers/coupons:

It's random so you don't know which polybag you will be entitled. Lucky me both is #30607 :)

Detailed info about the voucher/coupon here: GSC Promotional Blind Coupon

Terms and conditions for free sticker sheet: Exclusive Lego Sticker Gift

Here's some photos of the event that i took from LEGO fb page: credit to them

and here's what we got after completing little games that they organised (building a jail to confine The Joker and mapping a Batman signal on baseplate). 

My kids really love this photo taken from the photo booth. The best part.. it's free!

More free stuff:

I almost forgot. here's the toys for this week's happy meal: Batman/Batgirl Tin (puzzle inside) and Robin/Catwoman Tin (sticker inside). More info from McDonald's Malaysia website

alternate side

Then I decided to go to the nearest Lego Certified Store (Bangsar) to claim my free polybag. Since i have to spent at least RM150 in a single receipt to use one coupon, i bought Lego 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape + 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase  and in another receipt Lego 70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller. 

Pure happiness:

I know i still have 7 more polybags to go (according to the list compiled by The Brick Fan) but getting this #30607 is my priority. next i would like to have Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman (5004928) and Batman Battle Pod (5004929).


Finally.. pictures of both batman in #30607:

Extra parts from this polybag;

I really love this cape... the color is metallic gold and thick too. 

That's all for now... i hope i will get new polybag soon :)

Friday, 23 September 2016

DECOOL 0250 - 0255 LEGO MARVEL minifigures;

I woke up today and found many people share about this:

source: Brickfinder

source: Brickset

To be honest, I don't understand what all the commotion is a about. This isn't the first time i read about LEGO versus knock off brand. Just google it and you may find discussion on forums and fb group has been going on since 2011.  

IF LEGO successfully take action against LEPIN and LEPIN can no longer imitate LEGO set, i believe history will be made. This is the time when knock-off/imitation stuff will appreciate in value. Those with plenty of LEPIN's set will be grateful. Just resell it at 10-20% mark-up for quick buck. (provided that LEGO successfully fight other knock-off brand too hahaha) #chooseyourside.

You may read more about the news here: http://brickset.com or http://brickfinder.net or just scroll your facebook. 

I was not surprised to see some of hilarious Facebook status like this lol:

For real? These knock-off stuff has existed since 2011.. worldwide (^_^)". Did you just come back from Mars? :p.

I'm not siding with anyone. But this post caught me:

translation of first sentence - 'nice quote - copy paste from other group"

This is very true especially for retired/ hard to get/ exclusives LEGO set. Just make it limited and boom, you succeeded in making scalpers rich.


I believe here's the less interesting part of this post lol - minifigs from Decool 0250-0255:

#0250 - LEGO Black Panther
#0251 - LEGO Winter Soldier
#0252 - LEGO Captain America
#0253 - LEGO Black Widow
#0254 - LEGO Iron Man Mark 46
#0255 - LEGO War Machine

Bonus that come with each fig: Frame, transparent panel and printed info about the character.

Assembled frame to display your minifigures:

I think you can zoom in the picture to read the small print at the back;

Front/rear view of each minifigs

The only minifig in this set with printed arm;

pssst: go grab some Lepin's STAR WNRS set before they're gone! :p