Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Lego Movie - Emmet's Car Instruction

It's not even one week since my last time ordering parts from Bricklink, now i'm sourcing for new build - Emmet's Car from The Lego Movie - which can be seen during the first few minutes of the movie. 

Unfortunately, only Toys R Us in US organising such "In store build event" that made it possible to build such model. However, lucky for us the instruction for the Emmet's car is available now! i just google it and find some pdf and image instructions. The model looks exactly like the one from set 3177. but i'm not sure if some modification needed or additional parts needed to convert it to flying craft.

source: google
It's only 42 pieces, and you can build either a car or flying craft. Here's image that i found on google:
source: google

I ordered parts needed from 2 different source, and since the postage too expensive, i have to order extra parts to make about 5 unit to average out the postage. I hope i can sell the extra. please contact me if you are interested - each unit is only RM35. all brand new parts. =)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

May project - 3300003 Lego Brand Retail Store

It's payday! And as usual my hand already itchy to buy something from Bricklink. It's different feeling from buying brand new lego set in box from shop. I admit, i love to key in parts number and try different combination of seller to get the lowest possible price for whatever i'm building. plus, the excitement of seeing the parcel waiting at home after i get back from work ... priceless!

This month, one of my friend ask me to source for 3300003 Lego Brand Retail Store. It's exclusive giveaway to celebrate new Lego store openings (source). Brand new and sealed set cost about USD70 at Bricklink (not inclusive postage).  The instruction is not that hard to find. just google it and you will know the parts used and instruction to build it!

image source :
After few hours, I complete the mission with 3 different sources, and cost me about RM196 =).. inclusive postage!

So now i have to wait about 3 weeks for the parts to arrive =)...

Lego Promotional Polybag - Darth Revan

Got this last week but manage to share with you guys only today.. =).... one simple word.... AWESOME!

I manage to get it like... 3 weeks before this coming 4th May (this polybag is suppose to be exclusive promotional item given for the 2014 "May the Forth". As usual, the price on ebay - before they are officially available is really ridiculous. The price range is around USD25 to USD30, but i manage to get it at USD14 each inclusive shipping to Malaysia. Bought 30pcs of it and paid about RM1,500 for them. I only keep 2 polybag, and sold the rest to my friends.

The printed quality is much better than TC-4. This Revan is made in Denmark  and the TC-4 is made in China. Maybe that's explain it all. =)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Close look at Benny from Metalbeard's Sea Cow 70810

I always want to have a close look at this guy.. and today i got the chance. You can get this guy from 70810 (Metalbeard's Sea Cow) and 70816 (Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP). Both are not cheap in Malaysia. 70810 is around RM1,1xx-ish even though the price at is only USD249.99. Direct conversion is only RM810. But after include tax, shipping cost, blah blah around RM300.. tada.. we pay extra USD90ish to get the set. how lucky, right?

the head has dual side face

This guy is soooooooo cute! At first i thought he's the same with the normal space guy from the vintage space set. but i'm wrong! the torso, the headpiece (the trademark - huge open mouthed smile with his red tongue visible) and the obvious cracked helmet is new design and only for this figure.

I only have one classic blue space guy and i think it's from the first vintage space set, not the reissue version. If you can see from these images, the helmet is different on the reissue figure.

I took some photos to compare them side by side

My most favourite part is the cracked helmet. have you ever wonder why benny come with cracked helmet? i read it somewhere that's because many of the classic spacemen's helmets got cracked in that place =)

by the way, here's closer look on the helmet. 
comparison with helmet from the vintage minifigure

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT - Original vs Knock Off

This is mine. Original lego figure that cost me about RM400 (USD123) to collect them all in one shot.
i should have used stair type display case
Shortly after, knock off version come out.. but i missed them because i really don't bother imitation lego at that time. but yesterday i found them again, so i grab a set - as usual they come in set of 8.

Unboxing them...

To cut long story short.. here's all the knock off figure with the accessories =)

I took a few pictures to compare them side by side with the original that i have.
Top - Sheng Yuan's , bottom - original
For these individual comparison, the original lego is on the right, and Sheng Yuan is on the left. Main different is the leg assembly.

The hardest part is to identify the accessories. They are too small for us to find word "Lego" on them. maybe the use of magnifying glass will help.

meanwhile, when batman is having holiday with cat woman...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Knock Off The Lego Movie minifigure

woah.. it's been ages i didn't update anything to this blog. Too busy with work i guess.. Oh, i also received many request to order parts to make artifex tumbler and the slot for theatre seat. as far as i can remember, i already sold about 8 artifex tumbler and 14 slot of theatre seat. fhew..

I have 4 set of new knock off minifigure to torture. lol.

Someone already make video review on the first set that i have here on youtube. So i just share the picture of the box and figure. They are set of 6 by Decool : winter soldier, batman in red cape, cyclops, green arrow, venom and odin.

I'm very impressed with cyclops, odin, green arrow and winter soldier. Maybe  because they are not available with original Lego. You may expect the usual print quality of knock off brand. not as good as original lego, but cheaper option compared to custom print on lego parts. 

the figures with accessories

some of the heads have dual side printing

2nd set: superheroes/villain set of 8 by Sheng yuan

they come in set of 8

Only some box have "super heroes" printed at the side of box. lol

I love the colour they choose for the boxes =)
the figures with baseplate and accessories
After i throw away all the accessories and baseplate..
front view
rear view
Out of these 8 figure, i love The Flash and Cyclops the most. The rest 6 figures is about the same with original lego if you take closer look.. Catwoman is the easiest to differentiate. The blue colour on the torso is actually purple on the original lego.

The Flash by Sheng Yuan in the pic above is MUST HAVE for the time being. I'm sorry. i'm not supporting fake/imitation but i really can't resist this figure. It's really different design from the original flash by lego, because the design is actually Flash from the video game character.

source: google image
both are knock off:  Right (Sheng Yuan), left (Decool)

front view

rear view
Let's have closer look on the helmet.

Both ear piece on the Sheng Yuan helmet is detachable.

Closer look on both Decool and Sheng Yuan Cyclops. The main difference is the position of the belt. 
Decool (left), Sheng Yuan (right)

Decool (left), Sheng Yuan (right)

The 3rd set that i have is knock off version of Galaxy Squad minifigure by Lele. I don't have any Galaxy Squad set so i really cannot compare them with original figure. but they come in set of 8, in 4 team (colour) - red, blue, green and orange.

The last set and i don't think will be popular at all is The Lego Movie minifigure by Lele. lol! they even make this? They come in set of 8 but i only have 7 of them. Luckily i have all the original lego figure so let's compare them side by side!

Comparison side by side original lego (left side) to lele (right side) in every picture. I only have 6 figure available to match those by Lele
Sharon Shoehorn

Deputron - the torso colour is kinda different

Sir Stackabrick - my lego version lost his plume feather

Ice Cream Jo - Lele version is wearing red apron

El Macho Wrestler - the design on the face is different

Garbage Man Grant- Lele have dual side face

That's all for today. have a nice day!

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