Saturday, 13 August 2016

Decool 7115 - 338Pcs LEGO Batpod

I believe most of you guys already have this set as early as May '16. I got mine in June at RM60 (USD15) without box. The box art should look like this: 

img source: google

It's 100% imitation of LEGO #5004590. I noticed the original set will have 311pcs but Decool has 338pcs for this set. I didnt bother to count the parts for as long as the final form looks the same as per the original.

img source: minifigpriceguide

The original set as per the above picture is limited to 750 copies worldwide. It's limited and exclusive giveaway by LEGO to winners of LEGO VIP member sweepstakes contest. If anyone is interested with them, please expect the price on ebay to be around $1,000 to $2,000 (^_^)". Those listed at $200 have been sourced from LEGO parts and come without original box and instructions. still a good deal.. but if you don't mind getting the imitation, it will only cost you USD16 on aliexpress.

Parts in sealed bags with instructions booklet. I think my kids assembled the rim with the tyre. They didn't come like those.. i'm not sure.

Some in-progress pics: only found these 3 ahaha.

Less than an hour later:

Some obvious defects:

Found the best place to display it in my house :).

This set is definitely a keeper. I'm not paying $200 just for 331pcs LEGO parts that some seller help to source. I suspect the most expensive part is the tyre (which i can get from LEGO 76023 The Tumbler).

Monday, 1 August 2016

Sheng Yuan SY600 LEGO Deadpool Minifigures

Hello everyone! I'm back! Haha:). Anyone still reading this blog of mine?  I still remember the last time I updated this blog was before my 3 weeks' family vacation to Finland, Norway and Sweden in May 2016. (Norway was a very beautiful country, breathtaking scenery and it was really love at first sight. My wife and I wished we could spend the rest of our life there). After returning from the vacation, i was swamped with work in the office. It was a nightmare. Haha!! Returning home and back to work after a long vacation is like a punishment for temporarily dismissed from the office. Sigh :(.

A long hiatus makes it difficult for me to take the time to update this blog. At one point, you will feel that it is too late for a post. No one is interested in LEGO bootleg anymore and no more people will visit the blog. During these 3 months, I didn't spent much on LEGO bootleg or original LEGO set. I only bought set of 16 71014 DFB Team, Lego Ideas 21303 Wall-E and 21304 Doctor Who, and some Decool 0244-0249 and 0250-0255 (just because of the ironman minifigure in those set). However I did spend a lot on S.H.Figuarts figure and Tomica car model :P. I guess sometimes we need a little pause from our favourite hobby till we recover back the passion.

To be honest.  I was a little worried that I would hurt long time followers of this blog because there is no update for a very long time plus there are hundreds of emails and comments that I didn't reply. It's impossible for me to reply and answer the past 3 months comments and emails so forgive me..

I regard this as a reboot. So for a start, allow me to use the time and available resources to create a new post as much as possible. I am in the office at the moment but fortunately I have one or two "draft" post stored in this blog so let's start with it

Assembled minifigures with their glider:

As you can see below, there are 4 types of gliders in this set.

I don't know their name or the origins but I believe its fan made design.

Front/rear view of each minifigures:

I love it when Lego minifigures come with dual sided faces but for Deadpool, I think they don't need it.

The only minifigure in this set with printed arms:

It's late, but my next post is about Decool's Batpod (imitation of LEGO # 5004590). I hope you are still interested in reading it :)