Friday, 23 September 2016

DECOOL 0250 - 0255 LEGO MARVEL minifigures;

I woke up today and found many people share about this:

source: Brickfinder

source: Brickset

To be honest, I don't understand what all the commotion is a about. This isn't the first time i read about LEGO versus knock off brand. Just google it and you may find discussion on forums and fb group has been going on since 2011.  

IF LEGO successfully take action against LEPIN and LEPIN can no longer imitate LEGO set, i believe history will be made. This is the time when knock-off/imitation stuff will appreciate in value. Those with plenty of LEPIN's set will be grateful. Just resell it at 10-20% mark-up for quick buck. (provided that LEGO successfully fight other knock-off brand too hahaha) #chooseyourside.

You may read more about the news here: or or just scroll your facebook. 

I was not surprised to see some of hilarious Facebook status like this lol:

For real? These knock-off stuff has existed since 2011.. worldwide (^_^)". Did you just come back from Mars? :p.

I'm not siding with anyone. But this post caught me:

translation of first sentence - 'nice quote - copy paste from other group"

This is very true especially for retired/ hard to get/ exclusives LEGO set. Just make it limited and boom, you succeeded in making scalpers rich.


I believe here's the less interesting part of this post lol - minifigs from Decool 0250-0255:

#0250 - LEGO Black Panther
#0251 - LEGO Winter Soldier
#0252 - LEGO Captain America
#0253 - LEGO Black Widow
#0254 - LEGO Iron Man Mark 46
#0255 - LEGO War Machine

Bonus that come with each fig: Frame, transparent panel and printed info about the character.

Assembled frame to display your minifigures:

I think you can zoom in the picture to read the small print at the back;

Front/rear view of each minifigs

The only minifig in this set with printed arm;

pssst: go grab some Lepin's STAR WNRS set before they're gone! :p

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Decool 0244-0249 LEGO Marvel Minifigures set of 6

When was your last purchase of knock off LEGO minifigures? I mean those set of 6 or set of 8 minifigures that come with few accessories and weapons that you can attach to it. I believe everyone already knows by now that these knock-off brands level up their game by imitating bigger Lego set (^_^)". These include discontinued set (such as modular Green Grocer), hard and exclusive to get Lego set (such as LEGO Batpod that I've reviewed in the last post) and also retired and ongoing UCS LEGO set (such as UCS Millennium Falcon / Death Star and UCS Tumbler). Scary huh?

Some search printscreen that I have made in aliexpress:

Since it is bigger set and have a lot more pieces, the price is also more expensive. But it's still very cheap compared to the original LEGO. On my calculations, the cost of this imitation set is approximately 1/4 of the original price for recent (not yet retired) set. But for retired set, these knock-off is a lifesaver. Take the UCS MF #10179 for example. It's between $3,000 to $7,000 on ebay but only $200 if you bought it on aliexpress. hahaha...

Okay, let's put aside those bigger set for now. I still have two set of Decool's minifigures that I have yet to share with you all. Let's have a look at Decool #0244-0249 in this post and #0250-0255 in the next post :)

These minifigures come in sealed packaging:

Hey look, the minifigure come with the hand and the arm is attached to the torso. This is good. Less pain to my fingers :)

Assembled minifigures with their accessories/weapons. I just noticed everyone in this set can fly.. with help from jetpack and thrusters of course :P

1. LEGO Space Captain America #0247

with jetpack at his back

2. LEGO Captain Marvel #0248

3. LEGO Hyperion #0249

Yeay another ironman figs! but hmm.. I already get Hammerhead from SY605, Gemini from SY179 and Silver Centurion from original LEGO or SY295

4. LEGO Scuba Iron Man/Deep Sea Suit/Hammerhead (Mark 47) #0244

5. LEGO Space Iron Man/Gemini (Mark 39) #0245

6. LEGO Iron Man Silver Centurion (Mark 33) #0246

This Mark 33 is a keeper. I love this one compared to SY's SY295 version. The black eye pattern is more LEGO lookalike.

source: bricklink