Sunday, 27 December 2015

Duo Le Pin DLP9016 Set of 8s World War 2 Army minifigures

As I recall, we already have plenty of modern age army/military minifigures. If you want something different, please have a look at what DLP has to offer in their latest set #9016. 

They have named this theme as World War 2. I think they have made a great choice of colors and background image that accurately reflects the characters are from this theme.

[update@January 19,2016]: 
We are very fortunate that @kage has helped translate the label on the box, showing who are these guy supposed to represent (top, left to right and bottom, left to right)

here's a copy paste from his comment:
1. Soviet soldier (body print seems to be a copy of Colonel Dovchenko from the Indiana Jones Sets) 
2. Chinese "8th route" (as printed on the arm) soldier 
3. British soldier  
4. Adolf Hitler himself  

1. Japanese Imperial Soldier (obvious to most in S.E.A) 
2. Chinese Nationalist Soldier (Emblem on helmet is the logo of the Nationalists, emblem still in use by Taiwan, most noticeably in their flag)  
3. German (obvious enough I guess) K98 soldier (based on magazine pouch printed)  
4. American soldier 

Hey, have you noticed now that one of the minifigure looks like Adolf Hitler? ahaha. By the way, the box is bigger than the usual box which is used to accommodate this stuff. 
comparison of box size

What's in each box;

After opening all the boxes then I noticed every box contains the same big weapon. I'm sorry i don't know the name-  hand missile/grenade launcher? [update] It's mortar. thanks to @kage

The instructions is printed on the back of each card.

Assembled weapon:

Oh yes. That tiny little spring is the most important part in this build. No pin or trigger that you can pull, but you can manually launch the missile.. it's good enough, right?

I think that's the best part in this whole set. For other weapon/accessories; brown rifle - they come loose in sealed bags and for black rifle, the parts are attached to the plastic rack.

Weapons/accessories for each minifigures:

This is the minifigure that I mentioned at the beginning of this post that looks like Adolf Hitler (^_^)".

Not many unique minifigure in this set. One of this figure however has print on left side of the arm and another one has print on his helmet.

Last but not least, all the accessories/weapons you can get from all 8 boxes:

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dargo #867 LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens Minifigures

Finally someone was able to convince me to buy this set. I've seen it on store shelves a few weeks ago, but I had ignored it because I was not interested with Dargo's release. However, when I tried to get it a few days ago, the shop no longer have any for sale. The shop owner told me that the product is in high demand. bla bla bla.. heheh.  it is a seller's nature to use whatever excuse to sell their products. lol. Anyway i manage to get one so let's see how good is this set.

My first impression? Wow. Two astromech droids in #867A; BB-8 and Imperial Astromech Droid. A bit disappointing because i wish they will include Rey in this set of 8s but Kylo Ren is highlight in this release. As a bonus, there's extra bricks in each box that you can collect and later build micro Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter. 

What's in the box:

Instructions for micro Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter:

Assembled minifigures:

Baseplate, weapons/accessories and extra parts for the micro build.

Front and rear view of the minifigures:

 Tie Fighter Pilot (Star Wars Rebels)

First Order TIE Fighter Pilot. [Pending updated pic]. I've just noticed that I forgot to install Respiratory Pipe to the helmet. I hope i didn't throw it away :(

First Order Stormtrooper Officer

First Order Crew Member

Kylo Ren

First Order Officer

Sabine Wren (Star Wars Rebels)

BB-8 and Imperial Astromech Droid (Star Wars Rebels)

It is clear that these characters are mixed from the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens and the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Even the title on the box is Space Wars, not Star Wars. Therefore they can include whatever characters they want in this set. Be thankful they do not include characters from Galaxy Squad or Marvel / DC superheroes in this set. ahaha

I admit it, the print is much better than before. All design (almost all) looks symmetrical and balanced. No loose parts either. 

Unfortunately my favorite characters here are the worst in this set :(. Prints on the standard minifigure is quite ok, but the prints on curved surfaces are tilted and distorted.

Oh one more thing, Dargo didn't get the right pauldron cloth for the Stormtrooper officer. They just use simple red cloth instead this one:

Not fair if I just hit Dargo's weaknesses in this set. I think their print is much more better this time and the fact that they can imitate this exact helmet (with Respiratory Pipe) is amazing.

They manage to get the right Kylo Ren's Lightsaber (Croseed 4L/2L Trans-Red Bar) and also been generous for giving extra piece of the hood for him.

Last but not least, the micro build:

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Sheng Yuan SY289 Set of 8 Heroes Assemble

Oops they did it again :). Maybe I was too quick to judge after seeing some of the characters that have been issued before.. Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Flash.. but they have been issued so many times by almost  ALL China brand available (^_^)".

I almost completely ignored this set until I noticed a very small detail with the minifigures. Let's see if you guys also noticed it.

Yuppp, they are just another variants (with more fancy torso design and more detail on the leg) but the most important update is the printed side arm! oh gosh i'm super excited about this. pardon me~

Of course they came with accessories and weapons, but I'm less interested in them.

Front/rear view of each figure:

Green Lantern

The Flash

I have no idea who is this guy. help! Red Tornado (thanks @lolololololo)


Wonder Woman




I know what you all think, and I agree with you. The print and the details are superb but for some figs (especially Green Lantern and Cyborg), their face (including the alternate face) look funny haha..

Now let's look at the print on the side of their arm.

Closer look:

I personally love Wonder Woman's arm the most because of the extra line on her left shoulder. These lego arms are very tiny and small yet the print is so sharp and clear :)

Anyway, one of Sheng Yuan's latest set of 8s that i definitely ignore is SY293. I've had a lot of Super Heroes variant furthermore I am not a fan of transparent minifigures.
source: Aliexpress