Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lego Venom (big figure) By Decool

Eh, I thought Venom has body that's only slight bigger than Spiderman, but look at what i have here:

Oh, i found another image of Venom from google image. So it's Lego game version of Venom.

source: google image

No catalogue/brochure or trading cards in the box, only these parts in sealed plastic.

Fully assemble figure:

Big size Venom and "mini-me" Venom:

Line up of Decool big figure so far: (still waiting for Decool big size Green Goblin)

I'm no comic/superheroes expert but this is not going to be fair match =p

I don't play any Lego video games, but when i google about big size lego character, i found these images:

Really really really hope Decool will issue these figures as well =)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Decool Guardian of The Galaxy (set of 6)

I really didn't expect to receive Decool GOTG this soon. Paid a little bit high, about RM30 (USD9.17) when i can get them about RM20 (USD6.11) if they are available at local store (soon).

Too bad my order of original Lego GOTG figure from Netherlands via Bricklink haven't arrived. So i cannot compare them with original Lego. I only have Lego 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission because i want Groot, plus there are 3 other minifigure come with the set; Nebula, Rocket Racoon, and The Sakaaran. Luckily there are not many GOTG set released by Lego, so i just buy the minifigure (loose/parts) for the rest of the character. 

source: bricklink

In this set, Decool release 6 characters from GOTG; Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Star Lord (with open jacket), Rocket Raccoon, and Ronan The Accuser:

I actually have trouble to make Rocket Raccoon stands properly. His tail tip is longer than his feet so in picture above, you can see he's tilting to the left. 

Oh, i forgot to upload the box =p

The usual stuff inside the box: brochure/catalogue, game cards and parts in sealed plastic
Catalog inside each box

To date, there are 11 minifigures of GOTG issued by Lego inclusive of 1 SDCC figure (The Collector - SDCC 2014 that will cost at least USD200 each), 2 rocket Raccoon variant, and 2 Star-Lord variant. 

Here's a picture of them without weapon/accessories:

Closea-up pic: One thing i love about Decool, the minifigures come with dual sided face.

I definitely will update this post again when i receive the original Lego figure. =). I really hope Sheng Yuan will issue characters of GOTG that's not available by Decool.. especially The Collector. I definitely not afford to buy a USD200 figure.

(uh uh.. i really hope my parcel will arrived soon =|...)

Comparison - side by side with original Lego figure can be found here: Link

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lele Hulkbuster Iron man & Thing

This will be the shortest review ever. Set of 4 by Lele; blue Hulkbuster Ironman, red Hulkbuster Ironman, Thing in red pants, and Thing in blue pants.

I will choose my words wisely.. DO NOT BUY THIS SET. Is it too harsh? =p. I'm sorry. Look at what i got here. No wonder some people say Lele is in 3rd rank after Decool and Sheng Yuan.  They are famous with missing/incorrect parts. 

Just look at my blue hulkbuster ironman! Disgusting. 

Its so stressful that i only want to focus on red hulkbuster ironman. IMHO, he's kinda cute..  Well, compared to the one by Decool. However,  the waist is rotable, so that's plus point for this guy.

... and here's side by side Hulkbuster Ironman by Lele and Decool. Which one do you prefer?

Actually, I find no reason to buy Lele's Thing. Look at this photo.  I'm speechless.  Really. That angry mark/expression on Lele's face looks like inverted moustache.

Decool on the left, SY in the middle and Lele's on the right.

I told you, this is going to be very short review. Fun fact,  one of my friends told me Lele's version of hulkbuster looks like Shrek wearing metal armor. =p.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Lego Fantastic Four by Sheng Yuan

Fantasic Four Sheng Yuan's in Da house!! Now we can compare them with Decool's (link)

As usual, Lego minifigure set by Sheng Yuan normally come in set of 8. So they are: Mr Fantastic, Human Torch (human look), Invisible Woman, Thing, flaming red Human Torch, Pyro (thank guys for the update in comment below), Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom.

No brochure/catalogue or game cards come with the lego bricks.

The line up:

Closer look front and rear view:

Some of my friends wanna have this flaming red Human Torch just for the hairpiece. They wanna use it to make Ghost Rider minifigure. I'm not that creative. I try to use it on lego figure with evil skull head but i don't have suitable lego bike for him.. hence he look just some guy with his hair set on fire lol..

Found this moc'ed bike on taobao that will match ghost rider figure:
source: google/taobao

As for Silver Surfer figure, i wish he come with chrome silver instead metallic silver but nah, that's too good to be true. I bet it's expensive to produce the whole figure in chrome silver.

When i bought these set of 8, i'm only excited (my expectation) to have the flaming transparent-red/orangish human torch, silver surfer and The Thing.. but Mr.Fantastic got my attention. He has longer leg and arm (same mould with Sheriff Woody as you can see from pic below)

Okay, now let's compare them with Decool's figure. For these comparison, i'll have  Sheng Yuan on the right and Decool on the left.

I love SY's hair piece very much!

Left - Decool, Right - SY

It's the same with the one he has in video games:

source: google

Since Lego hasn't issue any Fantastic Four Lego set/minifigure, the closest we can compare is with Fantastic Four character in Lego video games. IMHO, I love SY's figure more. (1) Look at the bold line on the leg, it's the same with the one in video games. (2) Decool has more detail belt design (with small buckle) but all the character in the video games has as plain bold line. (3) Decool figure also come with  dual sided face but SY only one sided face.

source: google

For Dr.Doom; original Lego is on the right, SY's in the middle and Decool on the left. I don't take the hood off because all figure don't have dual sided face. Both front and rear torso has same design with original lego. However, for the first time i think SY has better cape than Decool. Look at how thin Decool's cape.

Last but not least.. Thing!

Which one do you prefer? I love the colour tone of SY's Thing, with more visible scar/mark but Decool's Thing has better pants, with Fantastic 4 logo on his belt. The head piece also is totally different. Decool's head piece is fixed to the body but SY's is adjustable. SY's Thing has the same build with SY's big hulk in their Avengers set. (link)

[update@July 27th, 2015]
I can't believe there is still an update to this post after 9 months. Thanks to @Daryl Williams for this information. According to him, The Thing from the latest SY batch (close to the date of this update) has very important improvement. take a guess >_<. The F4 logo at his belt! 

This picture has been sent by him:

Thank you for taking the time to take photo and provide this information to me. I am sure many will appreciate this update :) Thanksss :)

[end of update]

..and this is screenshot of The Thing in lego game.

source: google

Decool's Thing has closer look to the one in Lego videogame right? However, with SY's figure, you can have Thing turn his head to left/right like this =p

I'll keep both to my collection anyway =p

Lil'update@29/11/2014: since The Thing head is removable, you may swap the head with other character.  Found one fella in my local facebook group share this photo of his. (i've already obtained permission from him, @fallenkia)  to upload some of his photos. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

SWAT by Sheng Yuan (set of 4)

While waiting for bootleg/clone lego Guardian of The Galaxy to arrive, let me review these 2 months old set >_<. So sorry!! I should have this set together when i review Lele's version (link) but i only received these last week.. and have them in draft for a week thanks to my long course and work related stuff.. 

what's included in each box
All figure have their torso printed on both front and rear except the guy in black suit. 

The minifigure with their vest and utility belt

..and this is how the gun/weapon supplied in each box:

Each minifigure will have different primary weapon (sniper rifle) but they have the same standard accessories: grenade, knife, handgun, walkie talkie, torchlight etc etc..

...and here's picture of each minifigure with their weapon/accessories: 

[edited on Dec 11,2014]
[The name of weapon and accessories above compiled by @Apodistagon]
-thank you soooooo much!!! =)

The weapon look more "heavy duty" compared to the one offered by Lele.. I love all the sniper rifle! especially the one with stand.

For reference, here's (link) to my review about Lele's SWAT (set of 8).

I'm now waiting my order of SWAT minifigure  by GBL (Product code : KY98507) to arrive. The weapon illustrated on the box look awesome. (this is the best picture i can get for now =p ). no need to zoom in, the image pixel is too small =p
source from Taobao