Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lego S.W.A.T

Waaay before knock off/bootleg lego and their parts exist in mass production as like today, the only solution to have such parts not made available by lego is to  buy custom made which is very expensive and limited tho.

I remember buying this machine gun by Si-Dan for about RM20 (around USD6) inclusive postage. 
RM20 only for the machine gun

My favourite source to have those custom made parts are from Brickarms, Firestartoys, Brickwarriors, Brickforge and of course on ebay. I'm sure you also have your own favourite source to have custom made/printed lego parts. 

I had quite a few of the accessories but today i only manage to find 3 sets which is all from Brickforge. 

Each set cost me around RM20 (USD6) inclusive postage. With the same price, i can buy octuple of bootleg issued parts today. Too good to be true right? I will review SWAT set (8 boxes) by Lele in this post..

parts and trading cards
Uh uh.. first box to unpack and there's missing part already - most important part too... the shield! =(((((

I am not sure if it is intentional or error in packaging but i only receive 6 set of additional weapons/accessories out of the 8 boxes.

all identical
Let the pictures do the talking ya =)

Figures with accessories

Rear view
Now lets have a look on the torso and leg. I am quite impress with the design. Every torso has different design and no repetitive. 

without accessories

rear view

The plastic however, feel and look cheap. IMHO, the accessories and weapon by Lele is too thin. It is proven with this comparison. I compare one of the vest with Lego vest from Lego Robo SWAT (The Lego movie)
Right - Lele's, Left - Lego 
I strip the accessories from the minifigure, lay them out and have the same arrangement with the above photo (minifigure with accessories). It is very time consuming to arrange them with my fat finger. lol

Closer look on each accessories:

[edited on Dec 11,2014]
[Thank you sooooooo much to @apodistagon for these weapon name. =). I edit the picture above and put in the name just like the one in your email]

Cannot wait to have my hand on other SWAT set by Sheng Yuan (set of 4) =)

The question now, are those custom made parts or custom print on original lego parts are anywhere better than bootleg/knock off version? IMHO, buying original stuff is one way to support and show your appreciation to authenticity of the item. But custom made is just the same with bootleg/knock off. 

Yesterday i took some time to dig bootleg parts that i have and choose some  accessories that i think is cool and maybe will have some use in future. (for photography of course). If i treasure those custom made machine gun for years, i'll do the same for these parts because they are very unique. 


  1. Hope Sheng Yuan SWAT version knocks us out of our feet! - Jpoks

    1. Some of my friends already have them but im still waiting mine =). Looks like new stuff arrived malaysia quite late. Maybe increase demand in neighbouring country =)

    2. Some of those figures have mainly Brickarms bootleg weapons, like the M16 as well as the MP5. There is this new Armed Raid series, in which I have the guy with the blue beret (UN soldier lookalike). His weapons include a Brickarms M60 and a DP-28 light machine gun.

  2. Hi, you seem to have all the latest Sheng Yuan, Lele and Decool stuff! Can i ask where you get all the latest stuff from them? I usually buy online but some of them don't have the latest stuff and/or can be a bit unreliable...

    1. Facebook: mytoyz

    2. Hi Robin Tan! The easiest to get is via (if you are from malaysia). There are too many seller for these bootleg lego so they compete each.. and now the price is lower compared to 8 months back when these bootleg just entering the market. If you want to find them in store, i heard toy store in aeon kepong got them =). Good luck!

  3. I am so gonna get Sheng Yuan's SWAT set of 4. They will complement my Star Diamond tanks well.

    I'm not a big fan of super heroes, star wars, toy story sets ... I like figures I could use in real life City set. SY's SWAT is perfect.

    1. I don't have any S.W.A.T by SY =(.. but since they come only in set of 4, i will get 4pc for each design .so each team will have 4 minifigure and i just switch the head and arm to have "different person" for each team =)..

    2. Right now, I have 2 of out the 4 Sheng Yuan SWAT set. Just bought it today. I wanted to get the whole set but the shop only has 2, with the rest arriving shortly.

      Between SY and Lele ones (judging from your pics), Lele torso designs are more varied, detailed and elaborate than SY's.

      But SY SWAT have cooler and bigger guns than Lele. And SY's vests hold more guns and accessories.

    3. I saw some pic/teaser of coming SWAT set (blue colour), set of 8 but not sure from which brand. I definitely will buy them too.. as long as SWAT/miitary/police figure with weapon/guns =))))

    4. Oooh pls do me a favor ... try to recall where u saw it and gimme a link or something. I hope its either SY or Decool.

      So far collected 3 out of 4 Sheng Yuan S.W.A.T. set.

      Honestly, I stopped buying bootleg minifigs for quite a while eventhough I love Lego. But SWAT minifigs from SY got me started again. And of course, reading your blog is like poison :D

      Next minifigs on my list will be SDCC ones. Started off by buying Decool 0149 Spiderman this evening. IMO, the best looking bootleg Spideys.

  4. So far this set by Sheng Yuan is close to bootleg perfection. Print design wise is a bit lacking but nicely printed. The 3 out of 4 I have now is really good bootlegs. Joints fit very nicely and have just the right tightness. For me, a bit too tight is better than too loose ( I feel mostly Decool ones have loose legs ).

    If I may nitpick, I wish SY had given their torsos and legs more elaborate and finer design. Hope their next SWAT team take it up a notch. Fingers crossed.

  5. Hello! Just wanted to stop by and share some information. As you said these are not official LEGO minifigures, but bootleg.

    This is a company that copied LEGO as well as our company Modern Brick Warfare accessories to make this set. We are the USA resellers for SDT and Minifig.Cat, the original designers and sellers of all the accessories you see in the pictures.

    You can find everything on our website plus more. Please support original work and not the copycats that do not respect intellectual property. Thanks!

  6. I buy these guys mainly for the weapons, accessories and the bullet-proof vests.

    The Armed Raid sets now include .50 caliber machine guns, sandbags and weapons crates for storing the grenades. That's what I'm using for the only one I have so far...

  7. This set has the best goggle attachments ever! It comes in three pieces. I never broke any. Unlike GBL, it looks and works great without breaking for me. I like it more than falcon commandos goggle attachment that comes in one big ugly pieces. The only problem is that Lele went that route with swat wave 2. This is the best series with the awesome three piece attachment. This set I highly recommend for the accessories. Sy is always best for quality as reviewer has said.


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