Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lego Ironman Mark 3 - Cartoon Vs Movie version

A week with nothing to mumble. My order of SY303, SY304, and SY305 from Tabao haven't arrived. *sigh*.

However, i've been told by someone that already received all 3 sets..... they are all awesome and worth the wait. From the picture that he showed me, SY305 the ironman lab has the same size and design with the ironman lab that build using instruction issued by original lego club.

Oh, i almost forgot to mention here... there are no stickers given with this set.. because the tile is printed! yeayy! the outer design of briefcase, the computer display, keyboard tile, and the holographic display on the transparent blue tile... all printed! cool right? *wink*wink*

At first, I'm interested to have SY303 because.... well, that round thing (i don't know what it's called) that dismantle the suit looks awesome. But now i notice something more important. the figure included with this set maybe is Mark 3!

source: google
well... compare with mark 3 of hot toys.. picture also from google =p

I will edit my previous post in List of Bootleg Lego Ironman and replace the cartoon version of mark 3 to mark 3 from this set. Colour of cartoon version of mark 3 look too bright anyway, doesn't fit with the rest suit of ironman when displayed them together. 

Looking back at the group picture where this ironman belong to, i think sheng yuan doing a good job releasing all character in this set of 8. They all looks  really cartoon accurate especially hawkeye and captain america. love them!

source: google


  1. I wanna ask you something,there been a mystery mark from ironman lab set(SY305). The ironman doesn't have leg and like tony stark still repairing it. You can see the review form Digger318 toys review at youtube. He already review the lab. Can you tell me what mark is that? Thank you :)

    1. Yes, am also curious as to which suit this is as well.

    2. In case people are wondering here is a screengrab of the Torso:

    3. Where is brickstore guy? We need your help!!!!

    4. hi guys, I'm really sorry i didn't update the blog for a while.. busy with work recently. anyway i already have a look at the torso that you guys mentioned in sy305, Is it work-in-progress mark17? or maybe tony is repairing damaged mark 3. one thing for sure, the back pattern is not the same with any previous suit issued before. that's why i think it's either mark 3 or mark 17.


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