Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego

After two weeks, minifigures that i ordered from Bricklink finally arrived. Luckily it's normal delivery period - 2 weeks all the way from USA =) and just in time for the new TMNT movie tomorrow 7th August (Malaysia time). I know i always post about bootleg lego but this post is about original lego. i paid fortune for them. haha..

From this picture below, you can see new figures that waiting to be arranged lol.

I am really excited because my target is to complete all the ninja turtles variant  before i start collecting figures from TMNT movie, but to my surprise: I'm still missing TWO variant! each from Leonardo and Donatello.

two variant missing...

From one small case, now i need to use two bigger case =)

I intentionally left some space between them for those two ninja turtles and Dr.O'neil and another variant of Shredder:

So in total i need 4 more characters to complete the collection. Of course i'm gonna skip these two because they are from SDCC: (but they both available from Decool =))))))

In the meantime, i'm still considering whether to get the whole set or just the minifigures for these TMNT movie set. There's about 12 new figures from these 3 set!
source from google: TMNT movie lego set number 79117, 79116, 79115


  1. In my opinion the new Ninja Turtles minifigures are so ugly... (the ones you have yet to collect)

  2. I agree with you about the Movie figures, very ugly.
    In the film the Turtles look massive - how do they fit down the manhole covers ?

  3. I want to have them ! Thanks my friend for this article, TMNT Lego is the best Lego license of all time !

  4. I love the turtles. The movie ones are so rare to find ...

    1. So far no bootleg version of the new ninja turtles from tmnt movie.. Im sure they will be released soon.. =)


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