Friday, 29 August 2014

Lego Ultraman by JLB

In my previous post, i did mention that i'm not going to buy any of JLB issues  anymore because i'm too shocked with their Dragonball series. however, I'm going to make an exception this time. I found ultraman character in lego form!!!!! OMG!!! Soooo cooooolll!!! I'm huge fan of Ultraman, i can still remember how furious my dad was when i overwrite his vhs tape to record my ultraman series. =p

Same like previous issue of One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball, this issue of Ultraman also come in set of 6.

I love how they design the graphic printed at the back of each box. please click the picture to view bigger image. Look on the right side of each box, they put some fact about each of the character. 

Brief instruction on how to assemble the figure.

Cool graphic of lego ultraman

Actual image of ultraman -non lego form

What's included in each box - trading card and lego parts in sealed packaging

wow, lucky me. i got 2 ultraman ace head in one box =p
I only interested with the minifgures. each figure come with weapon/accessories. but it's just ridiculous.. why ultraman need weapon when they can just cross their hand to fire the opponent, right..

Mr. Mark and Mr. anonymous reader point out in comment below that Ultraman Ace's (most left) fin on the head should be pointing forward not backward. Since it's pointing  backward, he should be Ultraman Mebius or Ultraman Ginga. In my opinion, he's hybrids! Refer pic below. lol

When I heard about china brand going to issue lego ultraman, i assumed they will imitate megablock. I myself not very sure how many set megablock produced for Ultraman theme but when i google "megablock ultraman", these results appear:
source: google image
closer look: megablock version of ultraman

From images above, clearly the torso and leg is different than megablock. I'm not very sure about the head because i don't have megablock ultraman  to compare side by side =(. It's retired set and cheapest that i can found on amazon right now is around USD100 without postage O_o

Priced less than a dollar (each), I'm 300% satisfied with the figure. Heck, if each box only contain the head, I'm already more than satisfied. Amazingly, quality of all these Ultraman head is superb and acceptable. As you can see from photos above, most of the head has horn/fin (pointy). Since the head is made from plastic, it's kinda sharp so please alert when allowing kids to play with these.

The torso and leg is bonus to me. since it's from JLB, i don't expect much. Same like previous issue of Dragon ball, Naruto and One Piece, the material (plastic) used by JLB to make the lego body and lego accessories look cheap and feel cheap. but again, the head is superb. so i really don't mind the body =p. 

Again, i would like to highlight these: Please don't expect too much on the quality of torso and leg assembly. The hand and leg joint is worst as usual - so for playability rating, it's probably 2 out of 10. But for pose and photography it's 8 out of 10 (well, since lego don't have ultraman for now (or never)).

My version of ultraman have blue head underneath each mask. I saw Digger318 review and he has these ultraman with red head. So i guess mine is different batch than his. but nothing major, everything else look the same. 

One thing that i agree with him - Ultraman Gaia (2nd guy from right) face look squashed. In this photo below, he's in the middle (4th guy from right) but he has average height and face size with other character. =p. I wonder why he appear squashed in lego form. lol

source : google
With the release of Lego ultraman by JLB, i notice a pattern with their previous selection of theme (DragonBall, One Piece, and Naruto). All these 4 are from Anime, Japanese Character. If so, I really hope JLB will consider producing kamen rider AND power rangers figure. please please please.. if any of you guys from JLB read this, please make it happen. Please?



  2. Hey, thanks for two nice posts today.

    You rate JLB 2/10 points for playability. I was wondering where you put the other 3 brands. I find it varies but I think SY is my favourite.

    I don't buy whole sets at a time, around here the shops are just selling single boxes. I am always digging through mountains of JLB and other unspeakable brands, looking for that dark turtle...

    1. Hi there =). I put it 2 over 10 because its very difficult to play with.. some part especially the arm is very easy to detach from the body. the mask/helmet is very difficult to fix on the head too.. so its kinda tiring to fix the arm every time i wanna do different pose for them .. and hurt my finger too.. no kidding =)

      IMHO, Decool and Sheng Yuan's material and printing is the best. =)

  3. I don't like all the JLB sets released so far but I bought these based on your review... they look fine but when I had my copy, I am only marginally satisfied. As you mentioned JLB has very poor playability, not to mention quality control. The assembly of the arms and legs are very stiff and the injection moulding is not as accurate as Decool & SY. For instance, one of my Ultraman mini figure head cannot fit the helmet and I had to bore the torso hole larger so that the arm can fit without breaking. To my surprise I got majority of the head blue and only 1 red. Seems random or mine is a different batch. Also, I want to point out that Ultraman Ace's "fin" is backwards. It should be pointing forward not backward, isn't it? It is much closer to Mebius. So yeah... don't expect too much from this.

  4. Hi Mark! because of your reply, i just googled ultraman mebius. hehe. you are right! Ultraman Ace's fin should be pointing forward O_o.

    Quality of JLB's kinda nightmare. I love those Ultraman head very much but the torso, arms and legs do feel and look cheap. Looks like they use the same formula and material with previous one piece, naruto, dragon ball and mario figure... i agree with you, don't expect too much with this brand.. well, unless you just want the ultraman head =p

  5. I want it I want it I want it I want it :) :) :)

  6. Just want to correcting about Ace's wrong fin, it's actually wrong head because it's from the newest Ultraman named Ginga.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment =). I google Ultraman Ginga. The result show he has different chest pattern with lego Ultraman Ace in picture above. anyway, i just updated my post with your comment. Thanks!

  7. hye..are u selling this set? is it still available? how much for 1 set?
    reply me or WA me 0125318024. TQ.

    1. Im sorry i dont have extra for sale. Have u tried =)

  8. I want to buy all of this for my son
    Where can i buy it?

    1. hi buddy, have you tried ebay? you may use keyword "lego ultraman". or you may use aliexpress. i believe most of them come direct from china. you need to wait about 2-3 weeks for the stuff to arrive.

  9. I have just received my new set of 6 figures from Qiaoletong


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