Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sheng Yuan SY206A - SY206D Hobbit mini set

I would like to be honest with you guys. I got this set not for the minifigures, but JUST for the wolf =p

The parts are properly sealed in plastic packaging. Even the cape is wrapped with thick card.

Parts supplied are for miniature of small mountain/rock - using dark/light bluish grey slope bricks and green plate.

The minifigures - Printing on both front and back of the torso is very neat. However as expected from Sheng Yuan, their minifigures don't come with dual sided faces =(

There's no skeleton horse in any of Lego LOTR or Hobbit set but i think they will go well with any LOTR/Hobbit/Castle set. I really love that wolf. With it's opening and closing mouth it can chomp down some minifigure's arm lol.

Comparison with original Lego on the right:

Mirkwood Elf Guard

Goblin Soldier


Dwalin The Dwarf


  1. " I got this set not for the minifigures, but JUST for the wolf =p " same here :))

    1. price for original lego wolf is around EUR 6 each! and that's not inclusive postage cost.

  2. Can i just get the wolf instead of the set? How much would it be?

  3. Where can you buy that in the philippines i want it not because of the sets its only because of the wolves


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