Friday, 16 January 2015

Lego Camouflage Swat by Di Long (D101-D106)

Hi guys! It's been a while since my last post =). However, i received a lot of comments and email from some people expressing their "concern" over cloned series 1 CMF Lego by Bozhi (Series 1 by Bozhi). *nothing to comment here* =p

Anyway, i have a few SWAT sets to share with you guys.. The first set that i have is camouflage SWAT (set of 6) minifigures by Di Long. I don't see any Di Long word on the box, maybe its in those chinese character.

Pardon the bad quality image of the box above. I didn't receive the set with box so i use image that i found on google. I don't have the link that my friend use to order ours but i believe this is the new packaging. 2 sets of 6 in 1 box.

picture from the seller website
hey guys, i found picture of the box at this seller page: Taobao. They list and name all the weapons at the back of the box. This is the most interesting packaging for SWAT set, IMHO.

source: Taobao

This is how i received them. The minifigures are sealed in plastic packaging and the accessories/weapons are attached to plastic racks.

Each minifigure will get this same accessories:

Minifigures with their backpack, tactical belt and vest on:

Without any accessories:

I just noticed each has different faces and different kind of headwear (hats/caps/helmets) with camouflage pattern. The torso also has camo print on both front and back side.

Even the arm has printed camouflage pattern:

Oh, look at that side of their leg. There's tiny pocket printed with camo pattern. Cute eh?

...and these are pictures of each minifigure with their weapon/accessories still attached to the plastic rack.

[i'm soooooooo sorry i messed them up.. =( I pair the minifigure with the wrong set of weapons.. So in these photos, i label each minifigure with number 1 to number 6 and i put mark on every set of weapon rack according to the minifigure number they should belong to. So sorry if these will make you confuse. Only got one right - minifigure labeled with No. 4. I cannot undo it because i already detach them from the rack]

How they look like with weapon and accesories: also with wrong pair of weapons =(

All the weapons that you can get from this set:

The plastic used for the weapon however, is not as good as plastic used by Sheng Yuan (LinkLink). Maybe the quality is just below Lele's (LinkLink). Just look at the lower part of the image above. I accidentally broke that part when i try to detach it from the plastic rack =O very fragile.. or maybe i force too much lol

I will share about another SWAT set by Disen in my next post but before that.. have you seen this before?
source: Aliexpress

Yeah, it's the same with the one from Lego! =p.
source: google

This one is by ELiM and only comes with 8 compartment. (i haven't found one with 16 compartment). You may find them in Aliexpress, also comes in black, red, grey, blue, yellow. It's quite pricey, priced at $26.80 each. I found cheaper in Malaysia for RM60 ($16.87). However, the original by Lego will cost around $17-$21 for 8 compartment (Amazon). so might as well get the original one if the price is about the same, right? =)


  1. Thanks for the review. I guess this set won't make it to my usual toy vendors here. Unless I order online, I've only been able to buy SY, Decool, Lele army minifigs.

    This set has good printing on the side arms and legs. The camoflage effort is appreciated. And some pretty interesting guns. But dad plastic u said? Minifig also has bad plastic? Too bad.

    So I guess your next army set will be ... SY's "The Expendables"? Have you bought it?

    1. Hi there =). I think the camouflage print is good.. especially those side print on the arm and leg. Kinda unique and detail, IMHO. Maybe i'm too carried away because they are my first lego minifigure with so much camo print on every lego parts - torso (front/rear), leg (front/side), arm, hat, even on the vest!

      but the plastic is kinda bad. All those figure has loose arm.. and the leg also easily fall off the torso. The rifles? super fragile. Lele's weapon is better. So you can imagine how bad is this one.

      Yeah, next will be minifigure from SY's The Expendable. I prefer to wait them available at local shop. Guaranteed lowest price lol.

    2. Loose limbs is my deal breaker. Can't stand it, no matter how good the print is. Next ...

  2. All accessories are from bad plastic? also vests and helmets?

    1. i try not to bias, but yeah, for me.. it's kinda bad. I almost broke some of the vest when i want to remove it from the figure. The plastic is not as thick as the one used by Sheng Yuan. @apodistagon in his comment above also mention how loose limb is a big no-no =)

    2. but still ... the camo print looks awesome...

    3. for a very good price ...who knows?

  3. I knew I've seen this before :)

    1. i see...... so the character after translate is 'Doll'. its the same brand. nice =)......

  4. These are all have counterfeit SIDAN weapons and fake LEGO(R) figures. Nothing like supporting the Chinese fakes.


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