Saturday, 23 August 2014

New York Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive Captain America

Article about Exclusive figure from New York Toy Fair 2012 from lego.wikia can be found here New_York_Toy_Fair_Exclusive_Captain_America

The New York Toy Fair Exclusive Captain America and Iron Man is a promotional Marvel Super Heroes set that was given away at the New York Toy Fair in 2012. It contains comic book versions of the Captain America and Iron Manminifigures, both of which are exclusive to this set. These minifigures display a more serious facial expression. The Iron Man is the only version with a printed helmet and the Captain America has a different shield. Only 125 sets were made, therefore making it very rare and a collector's item.
wow, only 125 units produced.. and according to this  page, 20-rare-and-really-expensive-lego-minifigures, the price range is between USD1,500 and USD2,000  (both captain america and iron man).. but i got mine for USD2 only. =p

This bootleg version issued by Sheng Yuan. This is the first time i only bought 1 box from total set of 8.

what's inside the box

with accessories

rear view
photoshoped with original on the right

Yeay, another addition to my SDCC/NYCC figure My SDCC/NYCC


  1. I was walking by in the wet market side street yesterday when I saw this one, after a few haggling I bought it for 50 pesos ($1.05) I'm in a hurry in some place in Manila you can bought it for 35 pesos ($.75) - Jpoks

  2. Hi JPOK are u from Manila? -Chris


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