Thursday, 14 November 2013

My mini modular

I display this in my office

I hate books but..

This is the latest physical book that i have. lol

I always refuse to buy physical book because nowadays we can get almost any book in soft copy version. so just download them lah. but when it comes to lego, i want to feel the physical form. sometimes they come with exclusive minifigure that you can only get from the book. Like the character encyclopaedia book, come with toy soldier figure. i'll post the pics later.

These are what i have so far =)

The first 2 books (with the batman and darth vader figure as cover) i bought from Kinokuniya, the remaining 3 i bought from It's cheaper but take almost 4 weeks to arrive from UK. hey, did i tell you at book depository, they offer free shipping? =) yeah, knock yourself out. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I'll start my post today with huge LOL.

I actually dunno how to do proper blogging (until yesterday when my wife told me so). Every time i post something at this blog, i just edit the same post, so it looks like that i havn't update anything since 24 Feb 2013. 

So i just did the amazing cut-paste magic trick a few minutes to this blog and walla~ all post before 12 Nov 2013 will be in single post. ahahaha..

Uh, here's a treat for your eyes. i just take a photo of my captain america with his granddaddy =p

Captain america is purely Lego, but his granddaddy is Pilot from CMF Series 3 using custom accessories from Brickforge. I really love the shield and the letter A on the hat =)

I think it's great choice to use Pilot from Series 3 to wear the accessories because i want that pilot's jacket torso (closest resemblance to steve rogers in his brown jacket)
(source: from google image)

But then, when i uploaded the pics here i just realise, i should use different face. captain america don't have moustache!