Sunday, 31 May 2015

Falcon Commandos Army Minifigures from Senbao set No.11101

I seriously thought that logo on the box that we can see in the picture below is Sheng Yuan's new logo but i have a feeling that they are not exactly from Sheng Yuan. Made in the same factory? Yes, maybe. I must say that the quality of these minifigures and the amount of accessories/weapons that you can get from this set is soooo much better than Decool Modern War (link and link). 

[update on July 8th, 2015: i've been told by @anonymous the name for this brand is "Senbao".Thanks buddy =)]

If you forgot how bad Decool is, please have a look at the close-up pic below:

I'm really excited to see the packaging. Instead of box, they used this fancy case/container of which the size is the same scale with head part used at Lego alarm clock. There are 12 cases in this box, so you will get 2 complete sets (set of 6) in one box.

On top of each case there are 4 studs that you can use to stack the case like this:

All parts are sealed in plastic packaging which also came with tiny pamphlet showing instructions to assemble the figures (except fig in cyan colour case, the tactical belt is not in the sealed plastic)

Accessories and weapons that come with each minifigure. I mark each picture with the colour of the case that they come from.

I bet you guys already notice one thing about them - the base figure (torso and leg assembly) are basically the same, but with different face and helmet.

I really like this figure. The camouflaged pattern is printed on the side of torso. Note that the pocket design on right and left leg is different too.

There are 4 types of vest that you can get in this set:

Assembled figures with radios, vest and tactical belt on:

Ouch i found something. The hip connects perfectly to the torso without the tactical belt but the grip weaken with the belt on. I'm thinking to glue them to make the assembly

The 4x4 baseplate has rotating piece on it.

They look seriously awesome, especially the camouflaged weapon. I kinda missed my camouflaged BT TM-15. I still have it (illegally, yeah) but i cannot play with it. In my country, you need a licence to keep paintball gun at home lol.

All accessories and weapons you can get from a set of 6:

I really love the case/container. In fact, I already have plan for it. I will use them as case to store candy to be put in goody bag for guest on my son's birthday party.. uh, of course i'm going to rub off the "S" logo. ahaha.. =)

Friday, 29 May 2015

Big Hero 6 minifigures by Lele 79029

I already reviewed two set of Big Hero 6 before. (You may read about them here and here). Care for another set? lol.

Assembled minifigures:

For reference, here are the images of minifigures by Lebq and the unknown brand:
LEBQ's figure
Unknown brand

These two are my fav in this set: Yokai (Professor Robert Callaghan) and Baymax without armour).

You can make these from the extra bricks:

The printing looks okay on most of the minifigures except Wasabi no ginger. the hairpiece still looks ugly and the torso is a little scratched.

I think i have too many repetitive figure now =(.. but i must admit that Lele's version is better than the other two. 

Lele 79021 Star Wars Transparent minifigures

How many of you guys love transparent minifigures? Dargo is famous with it and i remember Decool have their minecraft minifigures made with transparent parts too. Is it a trend now?

It's very unusual for Lele to release set of 6 minifigures

Assembled figures:

Individual pic of the minifigures:

Seriously, i don't know how to photograph them. Using handphone screen as base and dark background, you will get this:

As expected, these figures made by Lele are much better than Dargo. However the hand part still easily fall out from the arm.

Lego Ultra Build General Grievous by KSZ

Guys, have you seen this set released by Lego?

Most of the ultra-build model released by Lego are buildable figure from Super Heroes (for example Batman, Joker, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America) and Legends of Chima theme. The style is very similar to Hero Factory and Ben 10 themed set. The build has superb articulation and for some set, you can combine 2 set together.

Example of Joker and Green Lantern combiner model:

source: wiki

About this ultrabuild of General Grievous, this set never made by Lego. Starwars Ultrabuild series is one of Pekko project on Lego Ideas (previously CUUSOO). Lego decided not to proceed with the project because licensing  issues (Hasbro is the one who own the license for Star Wars action figures)

Pekko also suggest other ultrabuild characters from Star Wars such as Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C-3PO and Jango Fett. You can watch video made by him about these ultrabuild on youtube here.

Picture of the other Star Wars Ultrabuild figure:
Source: google

How awesome is that! Now i cannot wait to assemble mine =)

Assembled figure:
Baymax minifigure next to him in the picture below is just for comparison purposes. 

Posable Mr.GG above is about 21cm tall and he look gorgeous. The plastic is great and the bricks stick well too. I found another figure on aliexpress but the price is not that attractive. I got my GG around RM12 (USD4) so i won't pay more than that for the other figure lol.

Decool Modern War 304, 305, 306, 307

The last set in this theme by Decool (according to the catalog to date): Russian military figure:
  • 304 - Russian Engineer, 
  • 305 - Russian Support, 
  • 306 - Russian Recon and 
  • 307 - Russian Assault.

You may find my post about previous set 301, 302 and 303 here and 308, 309, 310 and 311 here.

Small piece of pamphlet showing instructions to assemble the minifigure and catalog of minifigures and vehicle in this theme.

Weapons and accessories for each minifigure:

Assembled minifigures: 

Oops, i forgot to take off the helmet/cap to show you the alternate face. uh uh.. only one guy has printed straps at the back of his head. This is very unusual of Decool.. they are normally not stingy with alternate faces or printing at the back of head.

Once you see it, you can't unsee it. How many of you are bothered with this? Printing on both front and rear torso isn't sharp.

.. but the colour stick well on their arm. hmm, weird.

 Picture of them wearing vest:

The only minifigure in this set that interest me. I don't mind getting extra just to get that piece of cloth. Oh, his weapon also is the biggest in this set. another plus point.

Weapons you can get from this set:

Okay, i must admit. I'm quite in a rush to publish all these post. This is the 4th post for today lol. I still have Lele's transparent Star Wars minifigure, KSZ General Grevious, Lele's Big Hero 6 and some other old minifigures set i haven't review. phew..

wait.. another Big Hero 6 figures.. lol =)