Thursday, 28 May 2015

Another Big Hero 6 minifigures by LEBQ

Another set of Big Hero 6 minifgures. yeay, or nay? I had a nightmare with previous set issued by unknown brand. you can read it here.

Hm, at least they label the box with the correct name: Wasabi-no-Ginger, Baymax in armored form,  GoGo Tomago,  Fred,   Honey Lemon and  Hiro Hamada.

Assembled figures:

..and here's a picture of the figures from the unknown brand. They issue the same character!
Big Hero 6 figures from unknown brand

What do you think? The plastic is better but the printing is still bad.Let's have a closer look on each minifigures:

Extra bricks and weapon:

Nah, i will skip this set. Please, to another china brand: do not make another Big Hero 6 figure. These figures bring shame to bootleg world. =(


  1. Hi, wellcome back.Blackma here.
    Ouch!! my eyes hurt seeing these.
    Dont waste your time with Lebq anymore =(

    1. Hi Blackma, thank you for the wish. Yeah its good to be back home but ton of work waiting at office and i still have lots of email and comment to reply.

      yeah, no more stuff from Lebq for me. or i need to be more specific.. no more Big Hero 6 figure lol


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