Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lego Walking Dead Series 2 by Elephant No.JX1004

The 2nd series of Walking Dead minifigures by Elephant is here. Im quite impressed with their 1st series. 

Ouch! I got 2 same figure in this set! Ahh.. she's one of the main character too! Now i need to buy her separately =(.

The parts come in sealed bag together with trading/game cards.

Assembled minifigures:

Picture of the actual actor/actress:

Same like in the previous set, each figure come with extra zombie head.

I love this guy the most =)))

All the weapons and accessories that you can get from this set. Not much eh?

Cannot wait for the 3rd series. I wonder what theme will they release after this =).


  1. There will be third series?
    Wow! Sweeetttt!!

    1. Hi there. yupp... according to the pic above. i already collect 1st and 2nd so getting the 3rd is a must =)

  2. Replies
    1. i bought these @local store near my house. you can get them from aliexpress or ebay. aliexpress is easier. here's one of the example

      but most of them will ship without the box to save on shipping cost.

  3. do these figures have loose joints?

    1. some of the minifigures might have loose arm. maybe i'm the unlucky one to get these batch.


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