Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sheng Yuan SY287 Star Wars Minifigures

This is the last week to get the final Bricktober mini modular at Toys'R Us :))
It's a bit disappointing as I was expecting the Toys"R"Us logo on the blue tile is printed but instead, it is only sticker :(. I realised most of TRU store will run out of this set in a few minutes after the store opened but still, i'll take my chances and compete with other AFOL to get this one. ahaha.. love the blue bricks :)

Anyway, for this week review, i manage to get the latest Sheng Yuan's Star Wars minifigures set. unfortunately they are not from from the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens Lego set.

In case you have not noticed, you can build a "space-fighter" using parts collected from the eight boxes. Even so, it does not look like any vehicle from Star Wars (^_^)'. However it is an interesting way to encourage buyers to get the whole complete set of 8.

What you will get from this set with the minifigures. The usual 4x4 baseplate, parts for the space fighter, extra hand for the minifigures and instructions for the mini build.

Assembled figures with their weapons:

Top, from left: Geonosis Clone Trooper 2, Clone Trooper Lieutenant, Shadow Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper
Bottom, from left: Ezra Bridger, Padawan Anakin, Senate Commando, Asajj Ventress

Front/back view of the minifigures:

Instructions for the mini build:

My 5yo son build this whole thing! :)))

I would like to thanks @anonymous for this info; this is mini version of Wookiee Gunship (from Lego set #75084) :)

There's one more Star Wars minifigure set that i havn't review. It's set of 9 from Decool. none of them is from the latest The Force Awakens set but still worth to buy if the price is right. heheh..

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sheng Yuan SY283; Superman, Sinestro, Green Arrow, Captain Cold, Black Manta, Scuba Robin, Hawkman Batman

Hi guys! Another week passed by... and I must admit I was quite carried away by rushing to catch a few sets of Lego in recent weeks (just to get the exclusives and free polybag lol) hence the lack of resources (both time and money heheh) to make a review on these imitation stuff. I saved a lot of pics and print screen of the imitation sets that I missed and I plan to share with you all, but perhaps in the next post. (Indirectly, I may use it as a reference too.) To be honest I do not know when I will be able to buy them all. (>_<)'

Top; Superman, Green Arrow, Captain Cold, Hawkman
Bottom; Black Manta, Scuba Robin, Scuba Batman, Sinestro

Accessories, weapons and extra parts that come with the minifigures:

Comparison with original Lego figure on right:

Oopsie.. i'm sorry but i think i will skip Superman. why oh whyyyyy they keep making this figure. at least create a new variant.. please? or, maybe they wait for Lego to make a move. Since 2011 to date (2015), Superman has the same torso (-.-)'

source: bricklink

Oh there's two other variant made by Lego, that is black suit Superman and dark blue suit Superman (from Man of Steel)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lego Bricktober 2015 and Star Wars Minifigure Polybag

I was in a really sad mood when writing this post. :(. I can't believe it's so difficult to get some Lego set (especially the seasonal and exclusive set) here in Malaysia. 

Ouch. I'm not going to share or review any bootleg set today. For a few days I was very disturbed by some Lego promotion (that i will inform you later in this post) as well as the release of some seasonal set: 40122 Trick or Treat and 40123 Thanksgiving Feast.

I was aiming for these 2 set like crazy after i missed 40120 Valentine's Day Dinner and 40121 Painting Easter Eggs earlier this year :(

Because too busy with work, I didn't realise when Lego Certifed Shop (LCS)  here in Malaysia began selling 40122 and have missed the opportunity to have it. I admit it's my fault therefore I will not comment/ranting much about it. 

Perhaps many still do not know, there is no Official Lego Store here in Malaysia. Hence, no VIP program, no online shop and no points to accumulate after you spend few hundred or thousand bucks for Lego stuff. We do have Legoland but no official Lego store. Only Lego Certified Shop as a substitute. Until last year, the chances to have free polybag with purchase of lego set is impossible until these LCS stores exist at the end of last year (2014).

Let me get back to the main story here. So long story short, on October 1st, the day LCS scheduled to release 40123, I was ready to go to the nearest LCS from my office (The Curve outlet) during lunch hour when I came across this post on Facebook.

Among other comments expressed disappointment

Wait, what??? OMG! I had just decided to go there during lunch hour, apparently there were people who have been queuing since at 8am and didn't get it. to add the surprise, is it true that there are only 20 boxes were sold? Same situation occurred in another LCS store:

Translation: LCS (Lego Certified Shop) IOI City Mall's (shopping complex name) thanksgiving set finished within 30 second.  The queue is just to get into the store. 


Does this mean I have to take a day leave when there is a promotion/ new set comes out? This is very ridiculous and inconvenience. Not to mention how AFOL behave (pulled up shutter grill, pushing each other) is very dangerous and embarrassing.

Anyway, thanks to those post, I manage to save on petrol, toll and parking charges because there's no more need to go to that store. Later i released my frustration by having very very big lunch and gain a few pound. hahaha. 

On the same day (October 1st), those LCS also has Star Wars polybag promo:
Most people do not go home empty handed .. especially after queuing for nearly 2 hours for the Thanksgiving Feast set. hahaha. 

A few days later, more interesting and grand promotion is offered by Toy's R Us Malaysia.

Wow, seriously? This is the first time Bricktober set is coming to Malaysia. But again, it's during weekdays.. on Friday! gosh~ 

Some of my friend fork out nearly RM450 for Bricktober 2014 set 40180, 40181, 40182 and 40183, imported directly from US. 

and today, with the release of Bricktober 2015 set, and with the weaken currency of RM, the price for these 4 reach nearly RM650.

The promo is from Oct 2nd, 2015 till Nov 2nd, 2015. You will get Age of Ultron (AOU) Hulk polybag if you spend at least RM150 in a single transaction and if you spend RM300, you will get both Hulk polybag and 1 exclusive limited edition  Lego Hotel, Train Station, Bakery & Toys "R" Us Store according to the date as below. 

Week 1 (2-9 Oct): Hotel
Week 2 (10-16 Oct): Train Station
Week 3 (17-23 Oct): Bakery
Week 4 (24Oct -2 Nov): Toys "R" Us store

I didn't manage to visit any Toy's R Us store on the Friday (Oct 2nd) :(. 

As expected, the Bricktober set of the weekend (The Hotel) already out of stock when i stormed at least 3 Toy's R Us store the following day (Saturday - Oct 3rd). Therefore to all Malaysian reader who just read about this promo on this blog, you know that it's too late now. if you still want this set, you can look it up on ebay or facebook. 

Yup... you have to buy them from scalpers. RM100 - RM120 is too much for this small set. Decool will imitate this set in no time. Heck, this set don't even have minifigures! Unless you want to keep it MISB (mint in sealed box) and never assemble it for investment purposes. I'm too lazy to study the parts used but i bet no rare parts are used in these set.. so, save the headache. make it yourself using extra bricks that you have in your stash =)

Lego is supposed to be a fun hobby. I'm neither going to buy these from scalpers nor spending RM300 every week for 4 weeks (that is RM300x4:RM1,200) just to get these 4 Bricktober set. Actually i don't have such money hence the excuse lol.

Scalpers.. scalpers.. they are everywhere. look at what i found on bricklink. The price is just too ridiculous. They are the first seller to have this polybag for sale  on Bricklink and they are both from Malaysia. Now that's a real shame :(. They sell that free polybag at the same amount they spend to get it. that's 100% return overnight.

Anyway, i did spend RM150 for some Lego Star Wars set so i got the hulk polybag! 

Wow, i love Lego polybags =) One of those little things that make me simply happy. 

classic Hulk and AOU Hulk