Saturday, 22 February 2014

Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters HQ for 21108 LEGO Ghostbusters

image source from the internet

21108 Lego Ghostbusters will be available to us in June. However the set is for the vehicle only. The ghostbusters HQ wont be included. Lucky us, Brent Waller  ( has made the instruction available to us! but it's in LDD file.

You can download the file here: 

The file is only 879kb and contain lxf file format, excel file for the parts number.

I'm really excited about it and already start sourcing the parts now. 4 months to go! but don't be surprised. The building will use 3,657 lego parts!!!

The LEGO Movie Promotional Set - A section of Theatre Seating

Normally i use Daiso case to display my lego minifigure, but i want to try something new this time =).

The promotional set given to members of press is very nice but it's not available for sale. 
Good thing about lego is we can always build what we want. However, to date, i haven't found the instruction. lol. so i use Lego Digital Designer to draft the design. 

There are about 54- 60 minifigures from The Lego Movie set. (including variant). So if i want to use this theater seating design, i need about 9 set of this!

After a few minutes of try and error.. here it is! Total of 70 lego parts needed to build it.

I also did some modification at the base of the theater seating. 2 technic pin can be used to connect with other set. 

Parts ordered and now i have to wait about 2 weeks for them! most of the parts is from Netherland and Germany =)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ooops, Lego did it again! - Good morning Bilbo Baggins

Do you have this figure? Bilbo Baggins wearing blue coat:

You can have this figure from bluray movie "Hobbit: Unexpected Journey"

If you just want the minifig without the bluray disc, you can try bricklink. There are sold at $40 each!!!

love to have another variant? tadaaa!

you can have it free with pre-order of Lego The Hobbit video game, that will be released this year. As for me, looks like i have to pay around RM80 - RM100 for this figure =(

Even Lego Thor have imitation

found this on the internet but i wont bother with it. I dont recall seeing any of the design from the Thor movie! and why Harley Quinn is part of the set??

Lost Parcel

I think i should start worry now. Almost 4 parcel that's at least 4 weeks since i place the order and haven't receive it. Even order placed after those four already completed (parcel received).

Normally it took only 2 weeks to arrive, no matter where they are from. (using standard postage).

Monday, 17 February 2014

I love ironman v2

As at to date, lego only introduces 4 ironman (mark 6 "triangle chest", mark 7 "circle chest", mark 17 " heart breaker armor", and mark 42 "prodigal son"), 1 iron patriot, and 1 war machine. 

There's also 1 ironman given during Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive that you can get over ebay at USD1,300 =p. nickname: bleeding Edge

But i got him for RM5 ($1.50) only =p
the color is too dark.. and too much glittering

This is one of the earlier batch released by shang yuan, that's why the weird leg assembly. now they have imitate 100% lego design

Please correct me if i'm wrong but i'm trying to do a little introduction here =p. After New York Battle in The Avengers movie, Tony Stark realized that Iron man cannot do it all on his own and the world couldn't always count on The Avengers, so he created Iron Legion. Guess how many iron man suits are there in Iron Legion? 35! from mark 8 to mark 42!

Mark 3 to mark 7 are considered as his primary armors (plus mark 42,maybe).

War Machine armors are Mark 2, War Machine and Iron Patriot.

Mark 1 is the first Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark when he held hostage in the cave.

So in total there are about 44 iron man suits! and 6 of them has already been issued by Lego. I just cannot wait for lego to issue the next suits, that's why i bought the Knock off version.. 

Tadaaa!! (you can click the image to view bigger image)

edited on 19th Feb 2014: add nickname to every iron man suits 

If you are wondering which one they are from, there are few option available:

1st option: primarily use 16 design from Shang Yuan and add only add Mark 21 from Decool

2nd option: primarily use 12 design from Decool and add 5 more design from Shang Yuan

3rd option: use 6 of them original from lego + mix the other mark from SY or Decool =)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

$0.45 each for Airborne Clone Trooper, and i bought 32 of them!

Don't believe it?


Of course its too good to be true =p. Seller cancel the order immediately after i submit the order. =p. just look at the time i submit the order and the seller cancel the order.. in less than 5 minutes! hehe

Available on bricklink now - New Spiderman and Avengers set

The new lego spiderman and lego Avengers set 2014 can be seen listed in bricklink today. Yup, it's still new that the image icon is not yet available when i printscreen the image.

image source from the internet:

3 of them is Spiderman set

2 of them is from Avengers set

Cannot wait to have hulk in purple pants and add another variant of Dr.Oct in my collection!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

I need more Astromech!

I think i already have complete collection of astromech, but today i just realised, i need more!

no space for R2D2

i only have 3 R2D2 variant
Guess what, there are about 7 variant of R2D2! 

Looks like my wallet going to cry very soon =p

Friday, 14 February 2014

Lego Star Wars Minifigure - TC4

I bought 10 of these and i manage to sell 9 of them in about 2 hours. i advertised them in I got them at USD20 each including postage, and after using RM3.47 paypal exchange rate. I sell at RM69 each. I take no profit at all.

I plan to keep a few bag for myself but i didnt realise when i have none left. lucky i already open 1 bag to take photos.

Cannot wait to display this fella with his relatives =)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

want more ironman?

Today, i bought set of 8 ironman by Sheng Yuan. =). I love ironman! I'm not saying that i love imitation, but some design is not offered by Lego. =(

The figure without accessories and base plate

Some of the design is the same with previously offered by Decool, but i notice these 2 is totally different

This is normal for imitation product. Some surgery is inevitable =p. 

These pictures will show comparison of decool vs sheng yuan. Pair on the left is from Decool, and pair on the right is from Sheng Yuan. 

It's obvious that Decool printing is nicer compared to sheng yuan. Sheng Yuan's printing is either too bold or less detail.

You will notice the obvious and visible printing quality for mark 5 below (the one on right). On Decool torso, the armor look silver chrome but on sheng yuan's its more like light bluish grey.

One thing for sure - Sheng Yuan change the leg assembly. last time they use weird hole design. now the design and shape is closer to lego =(

The first wave of ironman released by sheng yuan have different leg assembly

Sheng yuan already introduce 16 design of ironman to date=)

Lego Shazam, Martian Manhunter imitation

Look at what i found today! One of my wanted list SDCC lego figure - Shazam!

Of course it's not original. Lol. Where i have such money to buy $200 lego figure. =(. but my sdcc batman is an exception. that's why i decided not to take it off from the card. I think that's the only thing that differentiate original with custom or imitation.

As usual, found them at local toyshop at RM5 each, and this time they also have 5 other figure:  lego martian manhunter, lego the flash, lego hooded robin, lego nightwing, and lego dr.doom.

eh wait, Decool already have imitation Martian Manhunter? Lol. They are ahead of Lego. Just last month rumours spread that Martian Manhunter will be available in March.
However the imitation quality as you can expect - not very nice and detail. If you compare  this picture and the advertisement above - it's very different design! 

update on 15th Feb 2014:
Its different torso printing because M.Manhunter by Lego wear new costume from Injustice and Decool M.Manhunter wear costume from Justice League! Thanks Cylo Hudencial for pointing this out in comment below. I should have check with google first. lol! 

Found images of him from Justice and Injustice League - and i put them side by side to compare:
Left - from Injustice League, right - from justice League

Even tough i already have the original figure, i always buy them in complete set because im curious to see the quality of RM5 stuff.

This is what inside the box. 

Wow, i hate it that they now also have that 3 x 4 display plate. exactly like lego but no lego logo on that stud.

if you are wondering what's coming next - they also include brochure of available/coming lego figure. Gosh, i cannot wait fantastic four figure next. and cyclops too!!!

here's the scan image of the brochure. if you want to see them in detail: 
(click them to view larger image)

Figures without accessories. i always throw them away because i dont want them to mix with my original lego.

From all 6 figures above, i have all except shazam and martian manhunter. I will do comparison - take picture of them (original versus imitation) side by side when i have more free time =)