Monday, 30 June 2014

Another batch of The Lego Movie minifigure... imitation!

Looks like only Lele interested to make bootleg for The Lego Movie figure. Previously they already imitate 8 figure from The Lego Movie set (Deputron, Robo SWAT, Sharon Shoehorn, Sir Stickabrick, Garbage Man Grant, El Macho, Ice Cream Jo, and Blacktron Fan) LINK, and now they imitate another 8, from The Lego Movie Collectible Minifigures: Abraham Lincoln, Hard Hat Emmet, Fusebot, 'Where are my pants?"Guy, Larry the Barista, Panda Guy, William Shakespeare, and Taco Tueday Guy. 

This time Lele really make the set of 8 look nicer and hard to resist:

What will you receive in each boxes are still the same; the lego parts in sealed packet and game/trading cards. 

From these 2 pictures below, they look exactly like the original lego, except Emmet.  Really easy to distinguished he's the imitation because the hat is covering his eyes. lol

Let's have closer look: (for these comparison, i will have original lego on the right, and bootleg on the left)

need to zoom in. if you cannot distinguished which is which, just find the one with "Lego"wording carved at the bottom of the cup

the original have red eye and thicker barrel

the original have better shirt =p

bootleg have thicker beard

Even this plate -  different color

bootleg has red hair

bootleg forgot to give fur to teddy

Look at the color of their head cap

Last but not least, Taco Tuesday Guy. I need to take detail pictures of this guy because he has so many accessories/brick. 

the color scheme is different. The zigzag pattern on the hat only cover the front side of bootleg version

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Thing - finally as big as hulk!

I only manage to get an upgrade for my fantastic 4 figure (The Thing)  after a month getting their team LINK

Same like the hulk, decool didnt include any game/trading card in any of these boxes. 

Im not sure whether you notice that the paint on both of his hand is thinner as compared to the main body. Hence the uneven look. 

Unfortunately for me, my figure also has quality issue.  Very unusual of Decool. 

Same size with the hulk

Very much better.. 

Now they look perfect

I'm really not satisfied with my figure so i decided to open the other 2 boxes -  with red and white pants. The result?  They are perfect! Only one with blue pant have very serious quality issue =(

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lego Dragon Ball Z - Decool Versus JLB

Only last week i got my Dragon Ball Z minifigure from JLB LINK. Today i got one set from Decool!

i'm really sure they forgot to finalize design on Krillin box (2nd from left)

It's truly like Raiden and other anonymous reader comment before = it's awesome!

You have all the reason to hate bootleg because they imitate lego 100% on some of the theme (batman, chima) but i think i'm glad and thankful they make this one from Dragonball.

Let's have a look at Krillin, third guy from left. The logo printed on the torso is really accurate to the anime version - can be seen from this picture below. It's Master Roshi's (3rd guy from right) kanji written on patch of Turtle School uniform worn by their students.

source: google image
But i'm more interested with his size. Decool use the same design and size of short leg by lego. Since Lego don't have Dragonball figure, so let's use The Penguin from Batman Theme:

For all these comparison: The Penguin on the left is original Lego, Krillin in the middle is by Decool and The Penguin on the right is by Sheng Yuan.

leg assembly of The Penguin by Sheng Yuan is so distinguishable

size of the torso is the same for all brand
From these  two picture below, you can see that Decool still maintain their own "design"for the leg assembly but they have same "X"design inside the torso.

Few pictures below - comparison of the minifigure by Decool versus JLB makes me wanna throw away the one from JLB. Just look at the hairpiece on Vegetta and Goku. 

I know both is from different level of super saiyan but the ugliness of the hairpiece on JLB figure is not acceptable.

The funniest of them all - look at JLB version of Master Roshi's. not only he's at the same height as other character (goku,vegetta) but his moustache actually blocking his eye! lol

Uh uh... now i feel like reading some DBZ manga =p

source: google image