Saturday, 9 April 2016

SY605 LEGO Iron Man Minifigures

It's finally here! Time to update your LEGO Iron Man collection :)

What do you think about the idea of Iron Man with wings or jet-pack? >_<.

If you notice, I accidentally broke one of the blue flame parts in this set:

Various type of add-on jet pack for iron man: 

Put aside the extra parts, let's focus on the minifigures yeay!

LEGO Iron Man Mark 32 nickname "Romeo"

LEGO Iron Man Mark 21 nickname "Midas"

LEGO Iron Man Mark 27 nickname "Disco"

LEGO Iron Man Mark 29 nickname "Fiddler"

LEGO Mark 2

LEGO Iron Man Mark 31 nickname "Piston"

arghh! Can I assume this is a battle damaged variant of Piston with such defect on the mask? :(

LEGO Iron Man Mark 28 nickname "Jack"

LEGO Iron Man Mark 37 nickname "Hammerhead"
a.k.a LEGO Scuba Iron Man from LEGO #76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack

Now that you see it, you cannot unsee it. As it has been told by several readers in my previous post, the gap between the body and the helmet is too wide, exposing their neck. nothing wrong with the helmet.. but according to @ritche hortillo, this is because of the longer heads neck in newer Iron Man from Sheng Yuan. You can fix this neck issue easily using sandpaper :). Thanks for the tips @ritche hortillo.

  • Romeo, Fiddler, Jack, Piston and Hammerhead are new and first time issued by bootleg brand (Dargo has transparent version of Jack and Piston but the quality is horrible imho)
  • Hammerhead is 100% imitation from LEGO
  • Disco is also available in DLP9002 by Duo Le Pin 
  • Midas and Mark 2 - already issued several times by other brands

I am very satisfied with all minifigures in this set except Mark 2 and Midas. They are missing outline/color at the eye area.. is it possible they are in "offline mode"? Haha

Comparison with Decool (on left side): which one looks more attractive?

Okayyy thats's all for now. I know I have homework for the next few days >_<.

Yup, this is how I keep all my LEGO Iron Man this whole time O_o. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

BELA #10384 - #10389 LEGO Star Wars

This is continuation from my previous post, BELA #10378 - #10383 LEGO Star Wars.

Assembled LEGO Star Wars minifigures with their micro-build. 

LEGO Geneosis Clone Trooper

LEGO Wookie Wullffwarro

LEGO Super Battle Droid

LEGO The Inquisitor

It comes with printed shoulder pad.. nice :)


LEGO Agent Kallus

LEGO parts for the micro-build sucks big time (loose/too tight parts) but the minifigures are awesome :)

BELA #10378 - #10383 LEGO Star Wars

I feel like I already made a review for this set until I noticed that the heading is "Space Wars" and it's a BELA logo. I thought that they are from LELE. 

When I get home then I noticed that there are 12 minifigure in this set O_o. Luckily the shop is only 5km distance so i went back and get the other half. but i'll make the review for them in 2 different post.

Instructions for the micro-build are printed at side of the box:

Assembled LEGO Star Wars minifigures with their micro-build. 

LEGO Stormtrooper

LEGO Shadow Guard

LEGO Jar Jar Binks

LEGO Clone Trooper Lieutenant

LEGO TIE Fighter Pilot

LEGO Senate Commando Captain

It's painful to see stormtrooper with such defect. Luckily i already have handful of stormtrooper for now ahaha

Please continue for other half of this set in my next post BELA #10384 - #10389 LEGO Star Wars  :)