Wednesday, 25 February 2015

JX1001 & JX 1002; Iron Man suit of Super Heroes by Elephant Brand

How cool is this? Have you seen them?

I know some of you might think this is nonsense but i do know if it is custom made in small quantity, the price will be ridiculously expensive. Iron Man suit for Super Heroes character, i couldn't ask for more.

These sets are made by "Elephant" brand and i believe it's their first debut.

For the first set, the ironman suits are made for these characters: Thor, Wolverine, Super Man, Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool, Captain America and Green Lantern.

Just like the other china brand figure, they come in plastic packaging with baseplate and trading/game cards.

Assembled figures:

I'm really satisfied with the figures except for Green Lantern and Spider Man. I believe i received defective mask for these two. If you zoom the picture above, you can see the defect at the right eye of spiderman figure. For the Green Lantern, the defect is at the eye mask.

When I ask one of my friends about his figure, he showed me this photo. His Green Lantern mask is perfect! I would definitely buy loose figure to replace mine.

taken from one of my friend
Rear view:

All figures have the same Tony Stark angry face lol

Let's have a look at the 2nd set!

Iron Man suits are made for these character; White Batman, White Spiderman, Venom, Gray Batman, Cyclops, Robin, Flash and Fantastic 4.

Same with before, the parts are sealed in plastic and come with trading/game cards.

Oh man, i love the colours! I might get extra so i can display them at my office too =)

I think i received the perfect figures in this set =)))

Same with the previous set, they all have the face of Tony stark.

I forgot to comment about the plastic. None of the figure has loose hand/arm or limb. The mask might be a little bit tight but they do not have dual faces, so you do not have to worry that the mask might scratch the alternate face. The printing is very good except for Spider Man and Green Lantern figure which i think is a very common problem with bootlegs figure i.e. the quality is not consistent =)

I'm looking forward to see more Iron Man suits for other Super Heroes character!

Decool 2111 Humvee & Decool 2112 Carrier

I'm going to review these 2 sets together because they complement each other. Both from Decool with code number 2111 and 2112 from their "Modern War" theme.

Decool 2111 - M1025 Humvee Armament Carrier

The box size is 29.5cm x 21cm x 6.5cm.

The parts are sealed in plastic and come in cardboard tray.

The instructions booklet is nicely printed and easy to follow.
front cover, last page and back cover 

Here's the assembled set:
side view

front and rear view

top and bottom view

All four doors can be opened and closed, but too bad the side mirror is fixed. If you look closely, you will also notice the different tone of tan color on some of the parts.

The humvee hood/bonnet could also be opened:

I love the rear part: the trunk could be opened like this:

The machine gun on top of the vehicle could be adjusted to point up and down but the parts where the minifig should stay in easily detached =(

Please note, these parts are also easily fall off because of loose bricks. =( I might glue them to avoid headache.

Decool 2112 -  M1097A2 Cargo/Troop Carrier

The box size is 27.5cm x 15 cm x 6.5cm.

Same with 2111, the parts are sealed in plastic and come in cardboard tray:

You don't have to worry about the instructions. It is printed clearly in booklet form:
cover page, back cover and last page

Assembled set:

side view

front and rear view

top and bottom view

Same with 2111, both doors and hood/bonnet can be opened and closed.

For this carrier, the hood/bonnet fixed better to the body. However i believe its only a matter of time before the bricks become loose and i will have the same problem with 2111 Humvee. 

Both set will have these 2 same guys. One thing for sure, they are different from Decool's Moder War Minifigures series (link).

The printing on both front/rear torso is really good =).

Weapon/accessories you can get from these 2 sets:

sandbags, rifle and handgun

[Update@March 4,2015]:
From side view, the front part of both humvee and carrier look the same.

Looking at the back cover of instructions booklet, next set will be the air cargo carrier. Can't waitt!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Lego's San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Rocket Raccoon Warbird

Hey guys! Look at my Lego SDCC Rocket Raccoon. I'm soooooo lucky to have it plus at really good price =)

Nah, just kidding =p

The box size is 9.5 inch x 7.5inch x 2.2 inch. Looks exclusive enough to me. lol

The printed manual in booklet form:

front cover, first and last page, back cover

Took me less than 20 minutes to assemble it:

View from top;

The wing is adjustable. This is the maximum angle i can spread it out

The plastic is good, however some parts are easily fall off. Please refer those parts that i circled in red below.

I might use kragle anytime soon to make it permanent lol.

I can't believe this day has finally came. The quality of the minifigure is realllly bad. I already noticed this when reviewing their latest super heroes set 0192 - 0197 (link - please refer Lego Bane figure). 

I can't remember since when their quality is questionable but as far as i can remember, their Guardians of The Galaxy minifigures set is quite good, with dual sided faces and all (link)

Please refer few spot that i circled in red below. I don't know what to say. Maybe Sheng Yuan is getting better or Decool simply becoming worse.

Anyway, i got my red suit RR from this polybag:

source: google

This is the extra parts. Some parts are not even used in the original Lego set. I'm not sure why Decool include them. 

This is how the box image looks like for the original Lego set. Have a look at the price too O_o

source: google

[update] Scanned instructions of Lego Rocket Raccoon's Warbird: