Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lego World Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Entertainment WWE

I just realised i haven't upload any pictures from this theme when i updated the bootleg list. The pictures dated July 26th, but i only blog about it after 2 months =p.

All 8 figures with accessories: 

I only watch selected match of WWF (yes, WWF before they change the event to WWE), so i'm uncertain of the character. I think from left: Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, The Rock, John Cena, Kane, Triple H, and Big Show. 

My fav is Stone Cold Steve Austin... but he's simple and plain guy. Maybe just remove the hair piece of Triple H and we will have Stone Cold =p

Close up pics:

I love the figures! i wish sheng yuan will offer more character in the future!

Lego Iron Man Gantry - SY304 by Sheng Yuan

Paid premium for this because the usual place where i get bootleg stuff don't have this for sale =( .

side of the box

side of the box
What's inside the box: parts in sealed plastic and manual

About 242 parts used to build this set and i love it!!! The printed manual also looks nice and the instruction is easy to follow. You may find scanned instructions here: SY304 instructions

20 minutes later...

 i love how the gantry hand hold the mask

 The machine can rotate 360 degrees.. pretty awesome yeah?

I wish i have extra bluish grey bricks so i can build proper wall to store all SY303, SY304 and SY305 together.. 

Lego Ironman Hulkbuster

Just got mine today! 

What's inside the box. Parts in sealed plastic. No trading/game cards included. Just the parts:

This guy is 7.8cm tall and if you wonder how big is he, let's compare with hulk:

Next big guy that in my waiting list is big venom by Decool list

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bootleg Lego Captain America

Hi guys. It's been a long time i didn't update anything to the blog. The usual store that i always visit to buy these bootleg lego didn't have anything new for so many days. I guess they might have problem with their supplier (my guess only lol). However i always keep track with what's new in the market.. My usual source is taobao of course =).

I'm still patiently waiting to get these:
- Swat (set of 4) Sheng Yuan
- Iron Man (set of 9) Decool
- Superheroes (set of 6) Decool (Punisher set)
- SY304 Sheng Yuan
- Young Justice (set of 8) Sheng Yuan

I'm really sorry about the delay review for these set. =(

Today i'm reviewing one of bootleg set that i decided to skip last time because i think they are too fancy. lol. it's captain america set of 8 by Sheng Yuan. To date lego only has 3 variant of captain america. 

If you think it's not enough, bootleg has more variant to offer.

What's included in each box:

Closer look of the figures with accessories:

Without accessories:

Have a look at this female figure below. She got both right arm.. cannot complaint much, considering the price.. too cheap compared to original lego. =p

From all these 8 figure, only 3 from right are direct imitation of original lego. The 2nd guy from right is from Toy Fair 2012 exclusives. I already blog about him before (Link). .. and the original lego for 1st and 3rd guy on the right can be seen here (Link).

[update June 18, 2015; Thanks to Wisnu Pangarso Wibowo, lady figure in picture above is Stargirl from Marvel]

My fav is the first four on the left
5 type/design of shield
I wish they have the shiled in blue/silver like the one in this picture:
image from HotToys fan page

There's another set of Captain America offered by Lele if you love to have more of Captain America =).
source: google

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lego Star Wars, bootleg by Sheng Yuan

I can't believe this. One of the theme that i decided that i won't buy any  bootleg figure because when these bootleg product first flooded the market, i doubt the quality will be anywhere near the original. My resistance runs out when Sheng Yuan released the 3rd wave of Star Wars minifigures. Many bootleg fans really looking forward to have Darth Vader figure so i have to get one for myself to compare with the original figure. However, I end up getting the whole box of  2nd and 3rd wave of Sheng Yuan's Star Wars minifigure.

First wave

I don't have any of the box from this first wave but they come in set of 6. I extract this image from their catalog.

From left; Obi-wan, Han Solo, Yoda, R4-P17, Captain Rex and Clone Trooper.  Only R4-P7 is exclusive to this set. (lol) Im saying only the astromech is exclusive because the other 5 figures still appear in wave 2 and wave 3. Please refer section below. 

Second wave

One thing that's good about bootleg, you won't encounter shortage of accessories/weapon. So i won't taking pictures of these figures with their weapon/accessories. =p

From left; Yoda (R1), Clone Trooper (note 1), Captain Rex(R1), Clone Trooper Commander, Clone Trooper Captain, Jek-14, Obi Wan(R1), Han Solo(R1)

*R1 = repetitive from wave 1 figure
*note 1 = from available image, there's slight diff from wave 1 clone trooper.

Out of these 8 figures, i only have Yoda to compare =(. I have clone trooper, captain rex and han solo but diff variant so they are not directly comparable.

Headpiece of original lego is far more better

Third wave

From left; Darth Maul, Anakin, C-3P0, Darth Vader (celebration), Chewbacca, Sandtrooper, Rako Hardeen and Republic Trooper.

..and here's lengthy comparison pictures with original figure on the right except Darth Maul (i have diff variant) and Rako Hardeen (i don't have the original figure)

This info is updated by one of  the reader: "Sheng Yuan Darth Vader can be displayed either way, the normal or the one with empire medal".. which i think is kinda genius. only switch the arm and tadaaa.. you can have two variant in one torso!

Mr. apodistagon just confirmed that newer batch of Sheng Yuan's Darth Vader  come with cape! Thanks for the update! =)

i prefer original lego camouflage color

There's also other china brand that issue star wars figure such as Bom Bom, CB and Lele. I'll try to source them to have more comparison pictures =)

source: google