Friday, 24 April 2015

List of Lego Iron Man (updated April 24th, 2015)

I cannot wait for Dargo's latest set of Iron Man, so i only include Sheng Yuan's SY262 (link) to update the list. (My previous Iron Man list (link) is outdated! Last update: on December 20th, 2014). Sorry guys!!!

A little bit discussions about some of the variants:

War Machine
The latest War Machine look alike figure in SY262 has inverted "100" mark printed on the armor. 

I believe it should be "001". but Mark 1 should look like this:
source: google
[Thanks to @beekini for the explaination regarding this figure. Allow me to copy paste his explaination]

War Machine from SY262 isn't variant. It's War Machine Mk1 (not Iron Man Mk1). It's developed from Iron Man Mk2 suit in Movie Iron Man2.

But War Machine Mk2 from Lego/SY/Decool is another suit's developed from Mk22 Hot Rod. and repaint to Iron Patriot in Movie Iron Man 3. (and Repaint back to War Machine again in Avenger2 Age of Ultron) Repaint War Machine

Mark 41 "Bones"
How about Mark 41, Bones? Some people say the earlier "Mark 41" isn't Bones, so who is he? Is it possible the earlier "Mark 41" Bones that we thought is actually Mark 15 "Sneaky"? 

Again, thanks to @beekini for the confirmation. It's confirmed both are Mark 41 "Bones":

Mark 5
The other variant of Mark 5 is from EpicLegoDecals' Flickr:
Thanks to @Celox for the source =)

Mark 3 Mark49/Mark50

For months i thought this guy is Mark 3. He is actually Mark 49/Mark 50! Thanks to @anonymous for the info. 

This guy is from Sheng Yuan's SY161. That is a set of minifigures from Avengers Assemble animated series. Article in stated that the ironman in this series is Mark 50!

The other figure that i labeled as Mark 3 variant is from SY303. The color is also bright red and has almost the same design with the one from SY161. So I'm pretty sure this bright coloured Iron Man is Mark 49 or Mark 50, not Mark 3.

For months i share wrong info about them in my blog! Sorry guys!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Imitation of Lego Pirates of The Caribbean minifigures by KSZ

I love Pirates of The Caribbean.. but I missed both of the ship (Queen Anne's Revenge and The Black Pearl) so they are both really expensive now. Was  around USD100 each but now like.. USD400? "Each".omg >_<.

source: google
However, i still have the minifigures, which is not bad, lol (trying to comfort myself). Here's my collection! There are 33 minifigures in total including complete 7 variants of Jack Sparrow. 

Uh. I only have 32 figures. I need this guy!

King George's Soldier

FYI, the most expensive guy in this set is this fella:

What???? RM250! that's about USD70. Equivalent to my lunch and dinner meal for 12 days lol!

Again, to save on shipping cost,  i don't have the box >_< but here's image that i found on aliexpress:

This is how i got 'em. Each minifigure come with a pair of trading/game cards:

Is it a trend now? Look at the baseplate. The same parts used in Disen's SWAT and Sheng Yuan's Minecraft minifigures set.

Assembled minifigures with accessories/weapon… and "pet" lol >_<

1. Bootstrap Bill

2. Davy Jones

3. Captain Jack Sparrow Skeleton

4. Will Turner

5. Joshamee Gibbs

6. Maccus

7. Gunner Zombie

8. Captain Jack Sparrow with Jacket

Minifigures without their weapon/accessories:

I'm sorry if there's too many pics in this post but I have all the original Lego (on right) to compare:

As you can see, the printing is great, but without dual sided faces. The plastic is great good too. Fitting of their hip to the torso is not as good as Sheng Yuan's, but not as bad as Di Long's SWAT. The leg assembly does not easily fall off but  KSZ might want to improve this part. 

Fitting of other parts (hair piece,head, arm and leg) is great except for Davy Jones. I've injured mine =(. so please extra careful when you assemble yours. The hole in the arm is to small for its claw =(.

There's another imitation of Pirates of the Caribbean lego figure made by Zhiao/JLB:
source: google

I'm sorry but i don't think i will review this set =(. The only figure that interest me is Blackbeard, but getting the whole set? uh uh… nope.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lego Ghostbusters by Xinh; set number 108 - 111

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood

Who ya gonna call?


If it's somethin' weird an' it don't look good

Who ya gonna call?


source: google

I'm an 80's kid so this movie (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989) are my favourite. I even still remember some scene from their animated series. Gosh, those little things that bring back memories. I missed my old Ghostbuster toys.. my favourite is the marshmallow man =(.

Its 2015 now. Almost 30 years later, now we can have these guys in Lego! Have you bought their Lego vehicle Ecto-1 set number 21108? Its still new, Lego released this set in 2014.


The very first imitation of these figures are made by Xinh. I don't have the box because my friend who did the order decide to save on shipping cost lol. I got this set of 4 at RM10 (USD3).

source; aliexpress

This is how i got em'. Each figure with their Lego parts sealed in individual packaging.

Before we continue to the Lego figure, let me introduce to you the main character of Ghostbusters:
From left: Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman,  Ray Stantz

The assembled figures. Their initials are printed on the front torso.

You can build 4 proton pack using parts supplied with the minifigures, 2 radios, 4 neck brackets and a ghost trap. 

Assembled figures with weapon/accessories: (I lost one of the radios when i took this photo)... thanks to little gremlin in da house - my 2 little kidos)

Let's compare them with original Lego on the right:

 1. Peter Venkman

2. Egon Spengler

3. Ray Stantz

4. Winston Zeddemore

The printing is great, and the plastic is good. Fitting of the hair piece, head, arm, hip and legs are excellent (except my Winston Zeddemore because his head is a little bit loose). 

Hey, do you notice the head is dual sided faces just like Lego? OMG. Now, it's not only Decool who make dual sided faces. Other Lego set that Xinh imitate are those buildable figures of Super Heroes, Chima and Hero Factory. So these average Lego size minifigures are their debut. I found their catalog. This is not their first imitation. [i will upload the catalog later]

Other thing you might notice now is their name printed at the back of the torso. Xinh purposely print different name from the original figure (I doubt there's printing error because those words are very clear) and they even change the Ghostbuster logo. Does this mean Lego or owner of Ghostbuster cannot take legal action against Xinh because of these difference? Smooth...

What's next, Xinh? Back To The Future Lego figure maybe?

[update] someone ask me how's the proton pack compared to the original build by Lego. Turned out Xinh is being too stingy with lego parts. >_<. In this set, they only give parts for lower part of the proton pack. The original Lego proton pack should look like this:

Inset: Proton Pack by Xinh

So, to have the exact same build with Lego, you need 3 more parts: 

  • 2x Black Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Clip on Top  - code 92280
  • 1x Black Tile, Modified 1 x 2 Grille with Bottom Groove / Lip  2412b

You may download the instruction at or refer to this printscreen:

…and here's the instructions given by Xinh on their pamphlet for your reference: