Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Senbao No. 11201 - 11204; Mini Military Vehicles Set

This is the 2nd set made by Senbao after Falcon Commandos

Images of the box:

Each box contains three sealed bags and instructions manual

I do not know what is written on the box because the language used is Chinese. So allow me to label them with the set number.

Set #11201:

Set #11202:

Set #11203:

Set #11204:

All the assembled vehicles:

I think they look beautiful from the side:

The minifigures:

With vest and tactical belt on:

Given all of this is the "mini" version, there is no minifigure that can fit in the vehicle. But for photography purposes, you can make a minifigure stand at the back of the vehicle from set #11202 and squeeze a guy (after removing the vest and belt) in vehicle from set #11204:

I was quite impressed with this set. No missing parts and the plastic quality is also very good. I mean, there are no parts that come off easily. It's good enough, isn't it? >_<

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sheng Yuan SY357 Hulkbuster Iron Man

Am I too late to make a review on this set? Just got this set after a month I  made review on Lele's Hulkbuster

Photo on the box is the same with Lego 76031 (^^)".. same size, same images.

Inside the box: 7 sealed bags, a loose 1 x 12 Trans-Clear Bar and a 2 x 14 black plate, and instructions booklet.

I've used the original Lego instructions, and this is the result: 

It really is the same build as the original Lego set. This is the extra parts left after I finished building the set.

Comparison with original Lego figure on right side:

I think SY lose points for this. Look at the pattern on the knee plate and the eyes part for the mask. :(. Well, what can be expected with imitation goods. That's why it's cheap. But i do believe SY will correct this error in the next batch. :). Just like they did with other minifigures set before. Galactus with longer hand and leg (SY258) and The Thing with F4 pattern on his belt (SY167)

Just as it has been shared by several readers, Hulk's pants from this set is not the same with Lego. It is still the old, torn design :(. No print on the toe as well.

Last but not least, the Hulk Buster!  (Lego on right)

Yeay, SY got the Hulk Buster face pattern correct. (Lego on right)

As we all know, SY use the exact same parts with Lego in their imitations.  However, some parts have different colours. In this Hulk Buster set, I noticed that SY has this part with different color from the original set. SY make it in black while the original come in tan.

Gear 12 Tooth Bevel 

Let me end this review with a photo - comparison between Hulkbuster made by Lele, Lego and Sheng Yuan :)

I was told that Decool will also make Hulkbuster set. let's wait and see if they can produce a better quality set :)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sheng Yuan SY273 Pirates

As usual, there are two sets of eight in a box like this.

Pictures of the box (set of 8):

All the parts come in a sealed plastic except accessories for one of the pirate (with dark red bandana). The coins and gold tile is still attached to the plastic rack.

Assembled minifigures with weapon/accessories:

Extra parts that you could use to build weapon/accessories holder just like the image at the back of the box.

I really hope SY will issue minifigures set of Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) but from 8 figure in this set, only 4 from POTC. I think this is good enough for a start.

1. Hector Barbossa

2. Captain Jack Sparrow

3. Captain Jack Sparrow Voodoo

4. Captain Jack Sparrow with Tricorne

Another four figures is not from POTC but it match the Pirates theme.

There's another imitation of POTC minifigure made by KSZ. You may read about them here