Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bootleg Lego Captain America

Hi guys. It's been a long time i didn't update anything to the blog. The usual store that i always visit to buy these bootleg lego didn't have anything new for so many days. I guess they might have problem with their supplier (my guess only lol). However i always keep track with what's new in the market.. My usual source is taobao of course =).

I'm still patiently waiting to get these:
- Swat (set of 4) Sheng Yuan
- Iron Man (set of 9) Decool
- Superheroes (set of 6) Decool (Punisher set)
- SY304 Sheng Yuan
- Young Justice (set of 8) Sheng Yuan

I'm really sorry about the delay review for these set. =(

Today i'm reviewing one of bootleg set that i decided to skip last time because i think they are too fancy. lol. it's captain america set of 8 by Sheng Yuan. To date lego only has 3 variant of captain america. 

If you think it's not enough, bootleg has more variant to offer.

What's included in each box:

Closer look of the figures with accessories:

Without accessories:

Have a look at this female figure below. She got both right arm.. cannot complaint much, considering the price.. too cheap compared to original lego. =p

From all these 8 figure, only 3 from right are direct imitation of original lego. The 2nd guy from right is from Toy Fair 2012 exclusives. I already blog about him before (Link). .. and the original lego for 1st and 3rd guy on the right can be seen here (Link).

[update June 18, 2015; Thanks to Wisnu Pangarso Wibowo, lady figure in picture above is Stargirl from Marvel]

My fav is the first four on the left
5 type/design of shield
I wish they have the shiled in blue/silver like the one in this picture:
image from HotToys fan page

There's another set of Captain America offered by Lele if you love to have more of Captain America =).
source: google


  1. You gotta check this out. I know your a big Ironman fan! - jpoks



    1. Oh my!! This is must have!! I wonder when will I find these at my local store O_o

  2. The punisher set is out so is the hulk buster ironman.
    New series from decool is the big size venom and guardians of the galaxy.
    In abt 2 weeks the set of 9 ironman will be out too.

    1. I just received the hulk buster ironman and all set of 9 iron man. oh and punisher set too... willl try to upload the pics as soon as possible =)

    2. Great! I'm waiting for the 9 iron man, by the way do u know where can I buy the decool first edition iron man? I got the 2nd set plus 2 sets of s brand, I started collecting lately after reading your blog really, it is very informative n big eye opener for me

    3. Hi thanks for visiting my blog =). I just checked aliexpress and they still have decool 110 to 115.


      I think the price is okay but the shipping/delivery time.... kinda long.. where are you from btw? where did you get the other set? =)

    4. Hi, Im from singapore, I bought most of my stuff from Jb, but once I start, I cant stop, lol, so I ask my friends to from around asia like Hk, taiwan and china to help me search for special ones or ones which I missed. Like the WWE collection, I flew them in from Taiwan coz I cant find them in JB. Ur blog really is a great place to visit.

    5. Hi neighbour!! =) have you tried aliexpress or taobao? well, if you have friends from China, thats better =). Im sure they are the first to get them =)

    6. Didnt try aliexpress, tried taobao before but it took 1 month to arrived, will try aliexpress :) by the way, im the same guy that ask if can upload pic in your iron post :) cheers !

  3. the female character in set captain america is stargirl (dc) not marvel

    1. ah.. you are right. i just googled her.


      thanks for the info buddy!

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