Saturday, 8 November 2014

Decool Guardian of The Galaxy (set of 6) v2 comparison with Original Lego figure

I'm actually in the middle of unpacking and assembling GBL SWAT when i remember i have few pics of Decool Vs Lego of GOTG in my hard disk that i haven't upload. 

Decool's GOTG link is here: Link

...and here's comparison side by side with Lego: (Lego is on right side)

They look exactly the same eh? with exceptional colour diff (head/torso/arm/hand/leg colour/design on torso).

The last one... least important character in the movie. Drax... (IMHO). lol. he does nothing but trouble and he's not that strong too..

However, his Lego form is superb! Just look at that arm print - i love it! .. but the arm is grey, so kinda difficult to match with other figure torso. unlike motorcycle mechanic from CMF series 10 that have yellow tattooed arm (that match his yellow head and arm). I can match this tattooed arm with other figure  with yellow head. 

source: bricklink

My latest.. original Lego GOTG minifigures:

Still waiting for Lego Rocket Raccoon price to drop a bit: Set 5002145 (Toys"R"us exclusive) - Rocket Raccoon in dark red outfit! Yeayyy!!
source: Bricklink

..but I definitely not going to add The Collector SDCC in this group.. but i hope Sheng Yuan will have him =p
source: Bricklink

Ok, now i can peacefully assemble my GBL SWAT. =)


  1. Hi,

    available in Taobao

    latest addition of SWAT from Sheng Yuan. Maybe you interested. :)

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO.... ..must have....!! no use to resist. definitely have to buy!

  2. Great!
    I found this blog last week, it´s amazing!!
    I am waiting for the lot.

  3. I got my Rocket polybag from a friend in Canada. She got it for free at toys r us and mailed it to me. It was a giveaway when you buy legos. It will come out in the U.S for 5.99 at toys r us on Nov. 16 it comes with stickers for the Milano set!

    1. Hi. thanks for your reply. =)

      Oh my, you are very lucky. I envy you. To have such friends that share the same interest is priceless =)..

      Still have about a week to Nov 16 but it's in US. For me, the only option is to buy it via Bricklink, so give or take another 3 weeks lol.. Anyway, really appreciate the info. It's been a while since i read news/info about lego. i will start hunting this polybag on the week of 16th. This polybag is a must to complete RR variant. lucky it's not SDCC phew =)

  4. Hi,

    Sheng Yuan release their version of Guardian of the Galaxy...

    Disappointed with the Groot minifigure....

    1. No The Collector figure eh... Please Lele.. make one..

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