Saturday, 29 November 2014

Green Goblin by Decool (set number 0183)

Lego has this huge Green Goblin figure in Lego set 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue.

source: Bricklink

The character can be seen in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man and video games Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

source: (Green Goblin is not in the pic lol)

Enough with the reference. Let's have a look at the product.

Close up pics:

Let's compare it with the original Lego figure (on the right):

They look similar but the clone figure actually has shinier surface and the printing is not as sharp as Lego.

Have you seen another variant of Green Goblin that has same size with standard Lego figure? Smaller figure Green Goblin (original Lego) on the right is from year 2003 Lego set. (there are 2 variants for this figure - one with gold-painted eyepiece on the headgear ($25) and another with plain/blank eyepiece ($15)).

which one is your favourite?

Venom is not alone now (Link). Big size Lego minifigures by Decool so far:


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