Friday, 23 September 2016

DECOOL 0250 - 0255 LEGO MARVEL minifigures;

I woke up today and found many people share about this:

source: Brickfinder

source: Brickset

To be honest, I don't understand what all the commotion is a about. This isn't the first time i read about LEGO versus knock off brand. Just google it and you may find discussion on forums and fb group has been going on since 2011.  

IF LEGO successfully take action against LEPIN and LEPIN can no longer imitate LEGO set, i believe history will be made. This is the time when knock-off/imitation stuff will appreciate in value. Those with plenty of LEPIN's set will be grateful. Just resell it at 10-20% mark-up for quick buck. (provided that LEGO successfully fight other knock-off brand too hahaha) #chooseyourside.

You may read more about the news here: or or just scroll your facebook. 

I was not surprised to see some of hilarious Facebook status like this lol:

For real? These knock-off stuff has existed since 2011.. worldwide (^_^)". Did you just come back from Mars? :p.

I'm not siding with anyone. But this post caught me:

translation of first sentence - 'nice quote - copy paste from other group"

This is very true especially for retired/ hard to get/ exclusives LEGO set. Just make it limited and boom, you succeeded in making scalpers rich.


I believe here's the less interesting part of this post lol - minifigs from Decool 0250-0255:

#0250 - LEGO Black Panther
#0251 - LEGO Winter Soldier
#0252 - LEGO Captain America
#0253 - LEGO Black Widow
#0254 - LEGO Iron Man Mark 46
#0255 - LEGO War Machine

Bonus that come with each fig: Frame, transparent panel and printed info about the character.

Assembled frame to display your minifigures:

I think you can zoom in the picture to read the small print at the back;

Front/rear view of each minifigs

The only minifig in this set with printed arm;

pssst: go grab some Lepin's STAR WNRS set before they're gone! :p


  1. Hi! Haven't seen you for a while!
    Lepin I think made that anyone did not make before: they began to make exact copies of a great amount of newest Lego sets. They did it fast and massive, besides quality is pretty decent and the price is low.
    Others like SY or Decool or Bela, etc. made minifigures set mostly, or old set reissues or maybe new sets copy but not that massive.
    But it will be extremely hard to shutdown Lepin as I think, as we know chinese manufcturers copy all sorts of goods for decades.
    And yeah, the price is a key, big lego sets are way too expensive so not everyone can afford that, but Lepin is a good alternative. But yeah there are copyright and stuff, seems like the financial threat for Lego is real.

  2. In my country, Argentina, Legos were cheap when I was a kid, but now they are tooooooo expensives, because the importations have a lot of taxes, for example, Iron Skull Sub Attack, a US$29.90 set, here cost US$326.60!!! So its impossible to buy, at least for me.. And knock-off are expensive to, SY No357 Hulkbuster cost US$86.60!!! and there are very few sets available..
    But I found a store that sold minifigs to US$1.60 (buying 15 boxes or more) so im very happy with this knock-offs :) thanks for sharing yours!

    1. US$29.90 vs US$326.60 ... unbelievable!

    2. that's too much :( . I got my SY 357 Hulkbuster for 400 PhP, less than $9 USD.

  3. The more I think about it the more I think lepin is either made by lego or lego subcontracts for the Chinese market. The sets came out too fast and they are too good to be cheap knick offs. If anything lego is pissed that these sets are getting out on aliexpress and thus out to markets outside china. Just my theory.

    1. I think that's unlikely, I'll explain why. The difference of price between Lepin anf Lego actually showed the aproximate cost of producing plastic bricks. Plus we get to know from Ali that box adds about 30% (or more) cost. So if we take Lego set price and minus boxed Lepin set price we will know the approximate expenses for lincensing, design anf promotion.
      So here's the example, Sky Battle set (that Bats on a batwing and Luthor's helicopter). Ali price (Lepin with box) is 34$, Lego shop price 60$. So basically 24$ is licensing and other stuff. Comparing to production price it's a lot.
      So if Lego allowed Lepin to produce their sets, means they are ignoring licensing fees. Cause the price is no different from other bootleg manufacturers, so no licensing included. If Lego contractos will know, they'll sue Lego.
      Yeah I know it's pretty rough maths, but hopefully you will get my idea.

    2. Good points but we don't know how the licensing works it could be there is no breaking the agreement if the contract a blanket yearly thing. Still great points.
      Lego may recognize that copyright infringement in rampant in China, and some money coming in is better then zero.

  4. I just hoped nothing will happened as I just saw 2 of those big set that I liked and ordered them. Haunted House and the Simpsons House. Would really want to have them.

    1. Haunted house and now sandcrawler are on my list. And for all we know this is all rumor we don't know if there is really legal action.

  5. Since I now begin to venture into modular building bootleg, I was google them and saw there was these lego idea where lego fan submit them prototype lego for lego to consider making it an actual lego set. There were some set that were pretty slick like x mansion or assault on Wayne manor and they gathered over 10k fan vote but yet due to some reasons lego didn't commissioned them. If only Lepin had their lego builder they can produce them instead of duplicated those already released I think they might earn more since lego haven't release them yet.

  6. The nice think is that as I observed allot of other manufactures started to create new and nice ideas. Like this now from Enlighten you have the three kingdom heroes sealed in similar fashion like the Lego mini-figures or the Sluban WWII and war against terror mini-figures(if you want I could send you some pictures). I bought them and to be frank I think in the close future Lego will taste the defeat from his own hands.PS. The new Sluban mini-figure is also a step forward from lego template and in some points is much nicer.

    1. Usually I collect just mini-figures , and even for the non licensed mini-figures lego raised the prices in the last 2 years with 100%

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  8. Hey man, since you are not really active these days. Do you have any other suggestions of other blog to keep me updated with the collection? Thanks

  9. I started following

    1. Nice blog Joe! Thank you very much.

  10. And I just mentioned it a few replies above :)

  11. so sad that this blog is dead :( where are you bro? Busy with life eh?

  12. I like the knock off brands like Decool and ShengYuan because they provide minifigures lego don't e.g the different Mks of Iron man.

  13. Great blog and really missing ur reviews :(
    Please come back

  14. Come back dude! we miss you..

  15. Hi. I'm a first time commenter and I have to say I love the blog. I'm just here to ask something. Nobody's ever seen a fake Grand Moff Tarkin have they?

  16. Is it illegal to sell lepin in the UK?

  17. Does anyone here has trasformer minifig?


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  38. This falcon spaceship is my inspiration to return to the Star Wars series

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    The toys are made of 100% ABS plastic, so they are not at all dangerous for children. Lepin bricks are compatible with other bricks from other brands, including Lego. Basically, mission accomplished for Lepin. Customers are satisfied, which allows him to evolve in his creations.

    This is one of the flagship products of the Lepin brand. This is a big ship lepin stars wars whose details are really remarkable.
    A well-worked design

    The design of this boat is very complex that can be difficult for parents who are not used to this game. The mounted ship has the shape of a flat saucer. The bricks that compose it, however, help children learn to stack each element. In all, it measures a total of 21 cm in height and 84 cm in length. Its width is 56 cm, so it becomes a big toy.
    A low price quality game

    What is good with Lepin is that you can buy a playful toy, good quality, cheaper. The bricks are made of ABS plastic.
    It is known for its robustness, its resistance against scratches and finally for the security it provides. Indeed, this material is not dangerous for health, and this is what is most important when we talk about objects dedicated to children.
    The size of each brick has also been studied although there is always a risk of choking for small children. This game is for children over 6 years old.


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