Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Lego Movie

Lego really know how to suck your money dry. I'm not only excited to wait for The Lego Movie this 7th February but shocked too when i saw total lego set for that movie. it's like… 4 polybag and 17 sets???? omg.. where can i find money to buy them =(. 

Price in USD looks like okay, being the smallest set is about USD12.99, but when it come to Malaysia, expect 1.5x or 1.75x the price, after convert to RM. so roughly RM65? =(. That's for the smallest set.. 

source from brickset
On top of that, collectible minifigures (CMF) for series 12 are also based on the movie, that's why they call it Collectible Minifigures The LEGO Movie Series.

Good thing is now we can have as many character we can from The Lego Movie, but the bad news is that almost all character in each set is exclusive, meaning you won't find repetitive character (except Emmet and Wyldstyle, but still they have variant eg: wyldstyle with hood folded down and Wild West Wyldstyle). 

I try to buy only the minifigure from bricklink but the price is too ridiculous.  Looking at my wallet right now, I cannot afford to buy all the minifigure. so i will wait for the movie first and will decide later which one i wanna buy =). From the image of available set, there are about 50 minifigures for the set.. plus 16 from CMF… there's at least 66 the Lego movies minifigure!!! plus minus. of course..

They look a little bit plain, but expensive! maybe the price will go down in future when more people selling them. Maybe i'm poor, that's why I can only consider minifigure at $6 price range. ahaha.. too cheap?

Some information for those who just read about the set.. Some of The Lego Movie set are 2 in 1, which have alternate builds, like the Cream Machine (70804), Trash Chomper (70805) and Castle Cavalry (70806)

I must say, they look pretty nice and must have.. and make buyer feel it's value for the money because they can build 2 different thing using the same bricks.

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