Friday, 3 January 2014

Technic Guy

I didn't have the chance to own technic set.. in past year, or now. but since i love minifig so much, i just bought those technic guy. really love the articulation. but i think i have enough already, just few sample for own collection

The coolest guy of course the one in red. because the helmet is cool, the chest plate also cool.. but the design on the leg is sticker! too bad. He's from year 2000. 

2nd coolest guy is the middle one. He got evil look because he wear cyborg eyepiece and mechanical arms. He's from year 1999. 

2nd guy from the right have the most pervert look. i don't have his photo without helmet. But he got moustache! and that give him pervert look. He's the oldest here. from 1996.

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