Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lego Polybag

I love lego polybag! When i don't have money but my hand too itchy to buy lego, polybag is the cure. Some are really cheap as RM5, but some can get as expensive as RM200, e.g the limited edition star wars polybag - White Boba Fett. There are time that i bought them as filler, when i order lego parts and i need to utilise full empty space in a parcel.

I cannot upload single photo of each polybag that i have because i'm sure you'll skip all them, so i combine them in two single photo.


  1. May I know where u buy all these poly bag from? Thanks

  2. hi there. if you are from malaysia, you might want to try or - try look in sales thread.

    legoland malaysia at johor also have polybag for sale. but choices are very limited.

    if you want those rare/hard to find then your only choice is from ebay or bricklink.

    since shipping cost from us/europe is kinda expensive, you might want to buy extras to average out the shipping cost. min postage from US is usd7 (rm24) and in that single envelope, maybe can fit around 3 to 4 polybags. (those minifigure type polybag - like darth maul polybag. polybag like fall scene is heavier - so the postage is higher).

    happy hunting!! =)

  3. Hi I am from Malaysia too. you want might want to , they are selling various polybag too.

    Happy hunting

    1. hi @Alex. =). thanks for the link. this is my first time visiting the website


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