Monday, 27 January 2014

The Lego Movie Exclusive minifigure

Now it's confirmed we will have 3 additional exclusive minifigure for The Lego Movie theme. It's Pyjamas Emmet minifigure, Radio Dj Robo minifigure and Western Emmet minifigure. (all picture from google) 

As you can guess, you can get them from ebay at amazingly ridiculous price or from purchases of certain The Lego Movie video games that will be released this 7th February.  It's like tradition for lego to force us to buy the video games just to get the minifigure. Last year it was the iron patriot minifigure with The Lego Marvel video game and last 2 years was the exclusive Elrond minifigure with the Lego Lord of The Rings video game. I didnt buy those 2 games, but i bought the polybag from ebay at RM90 each =(.

Earlier this year, i read somewhere that you have to pre-order the game from Gamestop or EB Games if you want to have the Western Emmet minifigure. Only yesterday the word spread that the Radio Dj Robo minifigure also only be given away with pre-order of the games from Walmart. What the heck. meaning you have to buy the same game to have two different exclusive minifigure and it's still uncertain how the Pyjamas Emmet will be released.

The western Wyldstyle minifigure is part of the Minifigure series The Lego Movie. I'm sure the Western Emmet is good combination to make them a couple. Hence, it's must have for lego collectors like me. 

Emmet in pyjamas minifigure looks familiar with Sleepyhead minifigure from Lego Minifigure Series 6, don't you think? =). Exactly the same torso.

update@9 Feb 2014:
Toys R Us Canada store giveaway for the Lego Movie Scratch Card Promotion include either an exclusive Lego Movie Minifigure (Western Emmet, Radio DJ Robo and Emmet in Pyjamas) ,a activity book, a $5 toys R Us gift card of 70809 Lord Business Evil Lair.

This means those who lucky to get the minifigure dont need to pre-order a video game. Just bring your The Lego movie ticket stub to a toys R Us Canada store to receive free scratch card. OMG.. so lucky…. 

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