Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lego Happy New Year 2014

LOL. epic title for post on new year. lucky it's new year holiday and i have plenty of time to post more than one

I want to share about my custom Tumbler and The Bat.

Few months back, i assembled Brent Waller Tumbler (link). It's my first time following custom made instruction and really excited about it. The tumbler only use about 180 parts and at that time, i already think it's a huge project. Time passes by.. and this time i tried the Artifex Tumbler. 

I'm aware of the Artifex version when i decide to order parts for Brent Waller version, but it's too expensive. Artifex version use about 480 parts and the instruction is not free! You can buy the instruction from their Website. It's about RM90 (O_o) To cut long story short, i manage to gather 2 other friends to share the instruction cost and cost for the parts and postage. Phew. 

Now, compared to Brent Waller version, Artifex is far more complicated. Imagine i have to order about 1,500 parts from 5 different seller. The headache already start from the moment i received the parcel. I need to check every parcel received is according to the order placed. When all 5 parcel received then i can only start sorting them. Took me about 4 hours to check/sort them.

Parts for Brent Waller's tumbler

and all these to assemble 3x Artifex Tumbler

The instruction itself is pretty clear.. and the result is total awesomeness. I really love the tumbler. Its huge and heavy and looks like the one in the movie. but it's still from lego, so some parts tend to drop easily.

 Artifex Tumbler

Brent Waller's Tumbler

I don't have black version of brent waller's to compare with the Artifex, so i use my custom sprayed Bane Tumbler.

batman 1, bane 0

Fleet of tumbler. Is that correct use of fleet? lol

But still i love the Brent Waller version because it's so compact and look much better than the original tumbler in 76001 The Bat vs Bane.
source from google. LOL? looks like one eye tumbler

As for the bat, i think the bat from set 76001 is good enuff, the shape is there, and quite good actually. the custom that i have, i got the instruction from cuusoo (link). The instruction itself is pain in the arse. it's not like the one you found on brent waller's or artifex. but since i already have the parts, so i just try the best to complete it.

now look them side by side. custom vs original from lego

just found old photo of tony stark riding batpod. yup, tony stark from ironman.

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  1. hi Hafiz

    Just wanna ask, how much it costs u to build:

    1x artifex tumbler
    1x brent waller tumbler



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