Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lego Spongebob, Exo-force and Bionicle

Paid something using paypal just now and the RM weaken… a lot! Today, it's 1USD = RM3.42. Last time i pay something happily is when i was in UK, that was last year around November. I remember clearly because i bought a lot of lego from and also from car boots sale.

In this first picture, i bought them from car boots sale. The seller told me all set is from Bionicle theme and not complete. Paid GBP30.00 for them, that's roughly RM150. 

When i got to hotel room, I quickly do parts check, identify what set they are from.. and walla.. actually only 6 of them is from Bionicle, and the rest is from Exo-force and Racers Theme! It took me hours to identify what set they are from because the seller mixed all the bricks together in a box. but i love the challenge. =)

assembled them in hotel room =)
only 6 bionicle set

and the rest is from Exo-Force

I was really excited when i won this Spongebob set from eBay, for only RM45! 
GBP8.75 roughly RM45

3826 Build A Bob-Total of 440pcs

This 3826 is a discontinued set and the price for used but complete set is roughly RM240. I love to hunt incomplete set because i love the challenge to find the missing bricks, and of course, its cheaper. Not many people know how to use bricklink to find parts needed. 

Out of 440 pcs, roughly 26 bricks missing, and luckily those parts are those common bricks and not really hard to find. but the sticker at his mouth is really bad and i might need to buy new one.
parts that i need to make it 100% complete

Look at his belt and shoe, where most part mostly missing

I was really excited in Spongebob theme after i won set 3826, so i bid another one and won it too! heheh.. Dunno it's good price or not but definitely hard to get in Malaysia.

Roughly RM210

I love eBay! =p

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