Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Thing - finally as big as hulk!

I only manage to get an upgrade for my fantastic 4 figure (The Thing)  after a month getting their team LINK

Same like the hulk, decool didnt include any game/trading card in any of these boxes. 

Im not sure whether you notice that the paint on both of his hand is thinner as compared to the main body. Hence the uneven look. 

Unfortunately for me, my figure also has quality issue.  Very unusual of Decool. 

Same size with the hulk

Very much better.. 

Now they look perfect

I'm really not satisfied with my figure so i decided to open the other 2 boxes -  with red and white pants. The result?  They are perfect! Only one with blue pant have very serious quality issue =(


  1. Their expression is different if you notice

  2. Wow. Thanks! I didnt realize it before.. But really, all 3 have different mouth design =)



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