Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lego Hulk - Red Hulk, Grey Hulk, Green Hulk

Bought a few set of knock off/bootleg lego today =). I know i can buy quite decent original lego set for the same price but i still can't resist them - i wanna know how good are they and for some character imitation - lego still don't have them.

I think the first set here is quite nice for bootleg lego collector. All 2014 superheroes minifigure from batman theme in one set of 8 from Sheng Yuan!

This picture below is from my original lego 2014 batman set.  Those circled; batman in wetsuit and man bat still don't have imitation. However The flash  minifigure already have imitation version (The Flash - Sheng Yuan vs Decool)

As far as i know, this is the first imitation version of Batgirl, Robin,  The Riddler,  The Joker, Goon and The Penguin. Batman and Nightwing are being copied so many times before. Decool already have one Nightwing, and as for batman, every China Factory try to imitate him =p

Here's the comparison side by side - Lego Vs Sheng Yuan. The design is 100% the same but the quality is different. Some design have thicker line/border, and some even have different colour. 

However, the easiest way to spot the difference is by comparing their inside torso: Original lego will have "X" meanwhile Sheng Yuan normally will have "H". If you're still not sure, just find word "LEGO" on the parts. Original Lego definitely will have that mark.

For Nightwing, I will add the Decool version to compare =)

For The Penguin and Robin, i just realised one funny part. They are both shorter compared to normal figure (please refer group photos above), but when i compare them together, Sheng Yuan's version is actually bigger! The leg assembly is totally different.

Last but not least - Batgirl. Please note the cape colour is different, the torso colour also different, and my most favourite part - his mask+hair piece also is different.

Wooohooo!! This is my most favourite figure for now. Red Hulk and Grey Hulk! The Green Hulk in the middle already have imitation version before -  by Lele. However, do note that these hulk bootleg is by Decool. So far Decool has better printing quality and material..  So all these Hulk -  grey, red and green is a MUST for knock off lego collector. 

each hulk got his own wrench - front view

rear view

side view

Too bad Decool don't have hulk in purple pant. So let's proceed with comparing the only Hulk they have - in tan coloured pant.

 Original Lego (left) vs Decool (middle) vs Lele (right)
front view

rear view
Its easy to spot the difference with naked eye, but to capture them using camera is another thing. However from two photos above, it's very obvious Decool hulk has lighter tan colour pants, and Lele Hulk body is the shiniest of them all. Decool Hulk also has shining body, but not as shiny as Lele's. 

Another thing that i notice is the gap on hulk's shoulder. look at this photos:
Lego (left) , Decool (middle), Lele (right)
Decool has the largest and most noticeable gap of all the three hulk. It's the same with the other grey and red hulk:

If you notice, the Hulk grin on these imitation also different. Let's have a look how original lego Hulk "smile". I have both original purple pant hulk and tan pant hulk.
both from original lego

Okay, now let's look at all 3 tan pant hulk: original lego (left), Decool (middle), Lele (right)

Looks like Decool use grin from original lego hulk (purple pant) for their hulk in tan coloured pant. 

I think the quality of imitation Hulk that's available for now is like heaven and earth compared to original lego. Not even Decool can come close to Lego =)


  1. enjoy your review in your blog. found one facebook page called Digger318 - review new lego and bootleg too.

    1. Hey thanks! i just subscribed to his youtube channel! looks like he also reviewed other toys!

    2. welcome :)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the review :) may I request if you could post up a copy of the decool catalog? Believe each box should have..just wanted to have a look at the upcoming the thing, falcon etc etc. Thanks!

    1. Hi there. There's only hulk itself and his wrench in those boxes. No catalog or even trading cards included. Actually there's another decool superheroes set - also in set of (black widow, phoenix, joker, wolverine, spiderman and captain america) that i missed. I believe most recent catalog can be found in those set. I'll try to get one asap.i really looking forward to have phoenix, black widow and wolverine.....

    2. saw it at Digger318, Deccol upcoming release set of 6 containing Taskmaster, Electro, Falcon, Red Skull, Bulleye and Punisher

    3. yup, you are right! I just scanned and upload the latest decool catalog and all the figures are correct!

  3. thanks.. ur blog gives me a lot of knowledge in bootleg lego.. thumbs up..

    1. heheh... thanks. i consider them as my personal entry too.. they are too many and i need to document them to keep track of my collection.


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